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New Toyota GR Supra leads its class

Sports cars are a special class of vehicles. If for the majority of drivers a car is a means of transportation, then sports cars are bought by those who get genuine pleasure from driving. The speed and explosive dynamics possessed by these specially designed machines literally fill their owners with adrenaline. With streamlined bodies and excellent aerodynamics sports cars are very beautiful and stylish. Toyota has used the GT Supra to help raise the standard of sports car production.

Although the company itself is of Japanese origin the sporty new Toyota GT Supra of the latest generation is more focused on the North American market. It seems that long interstate tracks are specially made for this car. They allow you to appreciate fully the perfection of this sports vehicle. The Toyota GT Supra is able to bring closer together the East and West coasts for its owner.

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Model development

The Supra first rolled off the assembly line back in 1978. Toyota has provided this car with the most successful technological solutions used in other models. At the same time even 40 years ago the car had an attractive streamlined design. The Toyota GT Supra was marketed as a rally car adapted for urban roads. To maintain the status of a model it periodically took part in sports competitions. Today the 5th generation of this machine can be purchased from the official dealers of the company.

The modification concept of the Toyota GT Supra A90 has been substantially redesigned compared to previous generations. Although this car is slightly smaller in size than its competitors in this class it looks quite large. A key design feature is the extended bonnet. It gives the car individuality and solid appearance. In addition with this configuration the designers managed to achieve an ideal even distribution of the load on the front and rear axles. Considering the lowered center of gravity the Toyota GT Supra received excellent stability.

As befits a sports car there are massive air intakes in the front of the hood. Two more air vents are located on the side of the headlights and on the rear fenders. The roof of the Toyota GT Supra is very recognizable thanks to its non-standard convex shape.

Buying a sports car always implies the highest expectations from a new vehicle. One spectacular view is not enough here experienced drivers demand uncompromising driving performance. To see for yourself all the advantages of the Toyota GT Supra on the road our site provides a selection of sellers who offer a test drive service when buying a vehicle.

Design features

The sports car from Toyota is designed for only two passengers while it has a rear-wheel drive. The oldest modification of the fifth generation is called A91. It is equipped with a six-cylinder in-line direct injection gasoline engine. Its maximum power is 382 h/p and the engine displacement is 3 liters. The unit develops a torque of 368 Nm at 1800 rpm. Combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission the car shows excellent driving characteristics. The top speed is 250 km / h and is electronically limited. The vehicle will reach the speedometer mark of 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

The machine's gas tank is rated for 13.7 gallons of fuel. At the same time you can drive up to 301 miles at one gas station in the city and up to 411 along the highway. The EPA is 22mpg in the city and 30mpg on the highway. The machine has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase – 97.2 inches;
  •  length – 172 inches;
  • width – 73 inches;
  •  height – 50.9 inches;
  • ground clearance – 4.5 inches.
  • interior volume of the cabin – 50.9 cubic feet.

The machine is fitted with massive, low-profile 19-inch tires that provide excellent stability. The car is equipped with good quality alloy wheels.

Selection of vehicle equipment

In the car showroom of the official company’s dealers you can buy 4 modifications of this model:

  • 2.0 Auto;
  • 3.0 Auto;
  • 3.0 Premium Auto;
  • A91 Auto.

Depending on the configuration the machine can be equipped with:

  • adaptive cruise control;
  • starting the engine with a button;
  • adaptive adjustable suspension;
  • electric heating.

Top modifications boast a leather interior, improved audio system and wireless charging for mobile phones. The price of such improvements is quite high but drivers believe that the impeccable convenience and comfort is worth it.


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