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New Toyota Highlander – a family car with great potential

Toyota Highlander cars with front or all wheel drive. The machine is medium in size designed for young people and couples with children. The car is distinguished by a memorable appearance, a large interior (for seven or eight people), good equipment already in the basic version, reliability which is inherent in all models from the Toyota manufacturer. You can also note the technical equipment with various modern systems. The car has proven itself well on city streets and in off-road conditions.

The fourth generation of the crossover was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in spring 2019. In the United States the Toyota Highlander sales began the same year in December. The general parameters of the machine have been preserved as in the previous version. At the same time the appearance has changed and become modern and solid. The car increased in size is produced on a new modular platform. Its interior has become more spacious with a greater level of comfort. Changes have taken place in almost the entire car.

You can buy a new Toyota Highlander at the buyers’ price from an authorized dealer. The company offers customers the best conditions for purchasing a car. There is a large selection of models in various configurations. The buyer will be able to find the car in the desired colour and offer a large assortment of spare parts and components for the entire Toyota model range.

The appearance of the updated Toyota Highlander is verified in strict proportions. An aggressive, dynamic character can be seen in its outlines. At the front the car has received new LED optics, an enlarged hexagonal grille and a massive bumper. The taillights look quite stylish and interesting. The simple rear bumper matches well with the large stamped boot lid.

Car parameters and interior

The Highlander profile looks pretty presentable and beautiful. It can’t be said that this is a heavy car. In the lines of the body everything is quite dynamic and beautiful. On the sidewalls there is plastic with an interesting relief, the wheel arches are slightly inflated, have a square shape with slight curves.

The car is fully suitable for the medium-sized SUV class. This is also evidenced by its dimensions of 4966 mm in length and 1930 mm in width, height is 1755 mm. The distance between the wheel axles is 2850 mm. The weight of the machine ranges from 2000 to 2110 kg. The maximum curb weight is within 2700 kg.

The interior of Toyota Highlander can be distinguished by a beautiful and modern design, high-quality finishing materials. The internal ergonomics have been worked out and improved. The steering wheel has a three-spoke rim, various control buttons with options. The devices are well readable with dials. A large on-board computer display was placed between them. The centre console houses a huge 12.3 "(8" base) information system screen. Air deflectors and microclimate were placed under it. This can be noted about the interior of the car:

  • increased space inside;
  • a lot of space for passengers;
  • quality of finishing materials;
  • clear and informative control menu;
  • modern systems and options availability.

In most trim levels of the Highlander 4th generation the cabin is designed for 8 passengers. On the front row there are seats with good lateral support and wide adjustment possibilities. The second row is a full-fledged sofa for 3 people or two separate armchairs with the maximum level of comfort, heated with various adjustments.

When the official dealer is near me choosing a new car is much easier. The company offers a full line of cars from this manufacturer. You can always buy a car according to your requirements and characteristics. Toyota Highlander has a luggage compartment of 456 litres. It is quite enough for transportation of various goods and things. If necessary the third row of seats is folded down increasing the luggage compartment to 1150 litres. Luggage compartment can have a capacity of up to 2076 litres with the second and third rows of seats folded. In a separate trunk shelf there is a dock and a set of keys.

Other features of Toyota Highlander

The main engine installed in the car is a 3.5-liter "aspirated" engine. This is a six-cylinder unit with a capacity of 249 "horses" and 356 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with an 8-speed hydro mechanic gear-box. It is four-wheel drive car. For some configurations front-wheel drive is installed with the ability to connect the rear wheels. The car has a maximum speed limit of 180 km / h. Fuel consumption for such a big car is 9.5 litres per 100 km. These figures are true for combined mode.

An official dealer always gives you the opportunity to choose the best cars. The client will definitely find the right option among various configurations and models. If necessary, company managers will prompt and help you in choosing the vehicle. All contacts for communication are on the website. The machines for sale have a manufacturer's warranty. Maintenance and repairs during the warranty period are carried out at our expense.








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