Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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Toyota Highlander Hybrid – an elegant SUV

The stylish Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV is designed for modern car enthusiasts who want to keep up with the times. The official dealer offers to get acquainted with the brand vehicle which will delight in daily city trips, become a reliable "friend" during long journeys.

Distance acquaintance with the hybrid model

The Japanese company "Toyota Motor Corporation" has a solid and positive experience in the creation of hybrid vehicles. The result of the fruitful work of talented design engineers is the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The full-size 7-seater SUV brings all the benefits of its predecessor the Toyota Highlander while being more economical and environmentally friendly. The hybrid version is the benchmark for a modern vehicle that provides all crew members with a high level of comfort and safety. Toyota Highlander Hybrid is available to customers in three trim levels:

  • Elegance;
  • Prestige;
  • Premium.

If desired the 3rd version can be purchased with a panoramic glass roof. Flexible pricing policy allows consumers to choose the priority design of the car as well as its "filling".

The SUV is designed in the spirit of the latest Toyota models which is reflected in the expressive appearance of the car, an exclusive "aggressive" radiator grill, new optics, large 18 or 20 inch alloy wheels with branded twin two-tone spokes. Major changes in the model have occurred thanks to the use of hybrid technologies and the TNGA-K platform.

The dimensions of the model inspire respect. The length of the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid is 4.97 m, width - 1.93 m and height - 1.75 m. The minimum ground clearance of 20.2 cm allows the car to overcome confidently off-road conditions. At the same time the Highlander "feels" great in the city since the minimum turning radius does not exceed 620 cm. The weight of the crossover is within 2.72 tons. It can easily transport without brakes a trailer weighing 0.7 tons and with braking equipment its capabilities increase up to 2 tons. The car comfortably accommodates 7 passengers due to the fact that the cabin has enough space in the 3rd row with convenient access for two people. The volume of the luggage compartment varies from 268/332 to 1177/1909 liters depending on which row of seats the 2nd or 3rd are in the folded position.


The Toyota Highlander Hybrid crossover is equipped with an innovative fourth-generation power plant based on the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline Hybrid Dinamic Force engine. The unit works on the Atkinson/Miller cycle. It is supported by front and rear electric motors with intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i) as well as a nickel-metal-hybrid battery located under the 2nd row of seats. The total power of the system is 245 hp which allows the car to reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption is 5.6 liters per 100 km. The hybrid power system offers the following benefits:

  • cost-effectiveness;
  • the presence of an innovative cooling system;
  • providing powerful and smooth acceleration;
  • a guarantee of a high percentage of movement on electric traction at a speed of up to 125 km/h;
  • an optimal balance between power and CO2 emissions.

Drivers can take advantage of any of the driving modes: ECO, NORMAL, SPORT or off-road TRAIL. It should be noted that the vehicle runs quietly and smoothly. This was achieved not only due to the new design of the hybrid power unit but also due to the soundproofing of the floor, ceiling and dashboard, the lining of the wheel arches, the luggage compartment and the presence of acoustic windscreen and front side windows.


The advanced safety technologies used in the car help prevent unforeseen traffic situations and minimize their consequences. Toyota Safety Sense includes the following systems:

  • help to keep the car in a given lane;
  • warning of departure from the lane with subsequent return to the desired position;
  • automatic high beam;
  • warning of the threat of a frontal collision with the function of automatic braking as well as recognition of pedestrians and cyclists;
  • identification of an oncoming vehicle;
  • emergency steering;
  • help when turning at a crossroads;
  • intelligent adaptive cruise control which provides the most comfortable steering, recognition and information about all road signs.

The driver and passengers of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid are guaranteed the highest degree of safety due to the presence of passive means as well. Front and side airbags, side protective curtains for all rows and seats, belts will become reliable means of protection in the most unforeseen situations.

If you decide to get acquainted with the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid and appreciate all its advantages then you should use the “dealer near me” service. This is the best opportunity to take a test drive of the car, make sure it is in a good working condition, comfortable and safe and make a purchase decision as well.


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