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Many people today value comfort above all, so they choose a car of the Audi A5 series. It was first presented in 2007 in two car dealerships at once: Geneva and Melbourne. The cars make a big impression with their extraordinary design and increased safety. The manufacturer positions the cars of the series as the Gran Turismo class; they are competitors of the BMW E92 and Mercedes-Benz CLK-class. The official dealer Mycars offers the entire Audi A5 range at an affordable price.

Generation Audi A5

Today there are 2 generations of the Audi A5. Within each of them, several models were released (including special ones); a couple of restyling was carried out.

The first generation Audi A5 is based on the Audi A4 only in a coupe body. Its release marked the return of the company to the production of midsize cars. The features of this generation include:

  • Audi valve lift system in 3.2 FSI engine (variable valve timing, similar to BMW-Valvetronic);
  • MMI (multimedia system that distributes wireless Internet);
  • four-wheel drive;
  • LED strips (for daytime driving, xenon headlights);
  • Xenon headlights on V6 and S5 models are standard;
  • Bang & Olufsen audio system and much more.

There were released 5 models of cars on a gasoline engine and 3 on a diesel one. The former are considered more powerful, and the maintenance of the latter costs a mere penny. Since 2009, a convertible with a soft roof has been produced within this series; it allows you to fully enjoy driving around the city.

Separately, the Audi A5 Sportback, which is distinguished by the presence of additional two rear doors and an extended wheelbase, was released. From 2012 to 2015, all cars of the series were restyled; they received a new stylish design and a modified interior.

The second generation Audi A5 was presented in 2016. The series includes coupe, fastback and convertible modifications. The basic version is available with a two-liter 190-horsepower diesel engine, and the top-end version is equipped with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine (250 hp). Models have the following dimensions:

  • length – 4733 mm;
  • width – 1843 mm;
  • height – 1386 mm;
  • ground clearance – 150 mm;
  • base – 2824 mm.

The new Audi A5 has an incredibly stylish design, designed for city or highway driving; it develops tremendous speed in a short period of time. The car is characterized by increased safety for passengers, including children. According to the test results Euro NCAP received 5 stars (maximum award).

Latest generation design and innovations

Due to stricter environmental requirements, only the engine has undergone drastic changes in the second generation of the Audi A5, while the rest of the filling has generally remained intact. The interior of the car has undergone almost complete rethinking. 12.3-inch virtual panels are now included as standard. Also, the manufacturer has changed the MMI multimedia system with extended functionality. Its screen has been expanded to 10.1 inches and is now fully touchscreen. With it, you can control the system, adjust settings, and it also has a voice control function. In the second generation A5, there is no radio washer, but during restyling, a compartment for small things was installed in its place.

In terms of exterior design, the car boasts new bumpers. The company decided not to remodel the metal parts due to the high cost of re-equipment of the conveyor. But the car has a new radiator grill, it is larger and wider, instead of the old design with chrome fins, now it has a large honeycomb design. The headlights have not received any fundamental changes in terms of design, but even in the basic configuration they have a fully LED filling, volumetric sections of daytime running lights made in the shape of the letter "L". The dealer near me offers matrix optics and even high beam laser sections, but at an additional cost.

Buying a car of the latest generation Audi A5 is a good solution for those who like to drive fast, prefer cars with a stylish but restrained design that provide maximum safety for all road users (driver, passengers, including children, pedestrians).

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