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Audi cars are among the most recognizable cars in the world. The famous company logo looks like 4 identical rings connected horizontally. Its presence on the car is a guarantee of a high-quality and reliable vehicle.

The company always uses all the latest technical developments in the automotive industry. Even the models of the lower grades are examples of practicality and comfort. Today, there are several dozen types of machines of this brand on the market. Buying a new Audi is always a good investment and a gift to yourself.

Brand history

The companies that later created the Audi brand were formed in the early 20s of the last century. During this period, car production in Germany experienced rapid growth and there were dozens of small independent manufacturers. Car manufacturers such as DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer became the pioneers of modern Audi. It was the subsequent merger of these enterprises that introduced the company to us in its current form.

Competition in the automotive market was already fierce 90 years ago, and the development of the company has not always gone smoothly. The activities of Audi were influenced by the Second World War, when all production was switched to the manufacture of military trucks, as well as components for armored vehicles and aviation. After the Allied victory, the Audi headquarters moved to the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt.

The rapid growth of the company in the second half of the twentieth century is inextricably linked with the name of Ferdinand Piëch, who headed the design bureau of the enterprise. It was thanks to his efforts that modern Audi received such components as:

  • five-cylinder engine;
  • turbocharging;
  • four-wheel drive
  • fully galvanized body;
  • Diesel engines with direct injection.

The Audi brand belongs to the Volkswagen Group and is one of the world's leading brands in the automotive industry.

Technical advantages

Today the Audi Company presents on the market cars that have the most advanced technical qualities. Its technical reliability and focus on driver comfort became the key to the popularity of these cars. The design of individual models, such as the Audi 100, was so successful, that series production continued for several decades. The reliability and practicality of the new Audi vehicles on the market today is achieved through:

  • the use of assemblies and parts of proven structures;
  • using only high-quality wear-resistant materials in the production;
  • thorough testing of new models;
  • extreme testing of production cars during rally races.

Typically, each of the Audi models has several generations. This approach allows for continuous improvement of car production.

Modern models

Today the new Audi is positioned as the highest class of the automotive industry. And although the company produces compact urban family models such as the A1 or A3, it is the powerful executive and sports class cars that are the main ones in the production line. Thanks to an integrated approach, cars of this brand occupy leading positions in sales in the following classes:

  • business;
  • representative;
  • mid-size and full-size convertibles;
  • compact roadsters;
  • mid-size and full-size crossovers.

If you want the surrounding people to pay attention to your new car, we recommend choosing on our website such models from Audi as:

  • A6;
  • A8;
  • S8;
  • TT Coupe;
  • TT Roadster;
  • Q3;
  • Q5;
  • Q7;

The sports line of Audi models deserves special attention. Powerful, sleek and incredibly dynamic, they successfully embody elegance and drive in everyday use. Models such as RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7, RS Q3 will give you and your loved ones maximum pleasure even from a simple shopping trip. The concentration of engineering and luxury that the company has to offer is the Audi R8 supercar. This incredibly sophisticated and stylish car is capable of accelerating faster than 300 km / h and has all-wheel drive.

How to choose the right and fast Audi car

Buying a new car is always more promising than a car that already has mileage. Today it is very easy to buy an Audi car, thanks to a wide network of authorized dealers. Before choosing, you should decide on the class of the machine that you need and the conditions for its operation.

For city driving, a mid-size family car such as the Audi A4 is the best choice. Its size is enough to become a convenient everyday means of transportation for two adults and two children. The most practical choice in this category is the A6 station wagon.

If you like active rest, we recommend paying attention to Audi crossovers. Four-wheel drive will be useful for driving on dirt roads.

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