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New Audi RS7 – modern and powerful

Audi RS7 is a sports car. The car is a five-door produced by the Audi Sport division. The car is based on the Audi A7 platform. The premiere of this model took place in Detroit in January 2013 as part of an international show. A distinctive feature of the car is its capabilities and cost. The price of this car is higher than that of the rest of the models in this line. At the same time it has the most powerful configuration and its capabilities are comparable to supercars.

You can buy a new Audi RS7 at the manufacturer's price from an authorized dealer. It won’t be also difficult to find the right configuration. The car is "charged" to the maximum and will give an advantage over other cars in the city and on the highway. Managers will tell the buyer about all the "highlights" of this sports model and its advantages.

Strict sports design features

Is it crazy and unbridled or independent and aesthetic? Both are correct for the Audi RS 7. The sleek lines of a coupe-like design combine with the brute force of the TFSI V-8. Together with intuitive dynamics the innovative technology brings various advantages to the car. Enjoy a sense of excitement without the need for compromise.

The sporty roof design draws attention to the car making the Audi RS 7 Sportback the main event of the day in any environment. Wide body lines, stylish optics, unstoppable essence emphasize the striking design. The car looks quite convincing no matter how you look at it. Characteristic of the RS versions is the LED strip and the wide Singleframe radiator grille serving as visual signs of outstanding dynamics.

Get out of the ordinary

The Audi RS7 stands out among other car models. For example there is a very memorable interior here. It is fitted with RS sports seats upholstered in perforated Valcona leather. They feature a honeycomb pattern, embossed RS logo on the backrests and seat belts with red piping. Sports seats are also available for installation in the back row. The spacious interior allows you to enjoy sporty aesthetics with your family or friends. This makes it possible for the driver and four passengers to move comfortably in the car. Not every sports car can boast of such capabilities. When an official dealer is nearby it is much easier to buy the required car model. The buyer receives various benefits:

  • complete selection of the required model;
  • acceptable prices;
  • a guarantee from the official manufacturer;
  • availability of original spare parts and components;
  • an opportunity of a test drive.

When buying a car from an authorized dealer you will be sure of its quality. All models come in different trim levels. If necessary you can order the installation of additional options in the car you like.

Thirst for power

The urge to break onto the highway is felt every time the engine is started in this sports car. Taking into account the driving characteristics of the Audi RS 7 it becomes more than clear that the power of 600 liters and 800 Nm of torque can provide acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds. The maximum speed limit is 305 km / h. This opportunity is provided by a four-liter twin-turbo V-shaped TFSI V-8 which, thanks to the Mild Hybrid system with a voltage of 48 V and a cylinder shutdown system, is suitable for use in almost any conditions. It provides the driver with more than enough power in all speed ranges.

The RS plus sports suspension can be used in three modes and is switched by means of the dynamic control system Audi drive select which helps to reduce lateral body vibrations and improves driving dynamics. While driving the dynamic steering and quattro drive with sport differential ensure the superb driving dynamics that the appearance of the vehicle promises. With dynamic lateral acceleration and enhanced heading stability every ride will be a unique experience as well as every turn will be a source of vivid emotions.

Improved lighting

Audi RS-Matrix LED headlights with laser modules can be selected as additional options. This allows you to get advanced lighting technology for this car model. The intelligent system which is a combination of LEDs and cameras takes care of safety. Locking and unlocking the Audi RS 7 is accompanied by a spectacular light show in an RS-exclusive style. The play of light is provided by LED strips at the rear and dynamic direction indicators.

When an official dealer is near me it makes buying a car much easier. He owns the information, can help you choose the best option and save a certain amount of money. Audi RS7 is a unique car that amazes with its appearance. But the owner gets even more impressions from the trip driving this "charged" car. Being a car driver you will feel confident both in the city streets and on a suburban highway. There are not many rivals who will be worthy to compete in overclocking and high-speed capabilities with this model.


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