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The new Audi S3 – a fresh take on style and power

Usually a generational change means more power and speed. This differentiates the new Audi S3, which launched in October 2020, from previous models. It is designed for 310 liters from and 250 km / h. In general, it has been improved and is qualitatively different from its predecessor. The S3 rides better. Not stronger, but better. There is a property that cannot be found in the data sheet, but can be felt on the road. The best way to do this is to have fun and get a real dose of adrenaline on the road. Audi optimizes stability and tuning. Fast turns and wild maneuvers do not bother such a car; it stubbornly implements every angle of the steering wheel. The S3 comfort zone is growing. It moves neutrally and accurately over a wide range. This is a bit odd because compact Audi models tend to feel heavy.

Excellence in technical parameters

Why is an Audi S3 sale soaring? Because every car enthusiast values ​​reliability and quality in his iron horse. These indicators are present in this series, which is presented in the following models: Audi S3 8L, Audi S3 8P, Audi S3 8P Sportback, Audi S3 8V, Audi S3 8V Sportback, Audi S3 8V Cabriolet. The main technical characteristics of the Audi S3 are:

  1. The wheelbase is retained across model changes. The new body is three centimeters longer and three centimeters longer, as well as several kilograms: current safety regulations increase the axle load.
  2. A subframe on the front axle to stabilize the front end. New shock absorbers that affect their performance in a different way than before. Modern all-wheel drive ("Haldex 6"), which saves a kilogram of weight. And the coordination of the entire movement dynamics orchestra, combined into a single control unit.
  3. Individual systems now work together instead of parallel to each other. The chassis, brakes and steering know what the engine and transmission are doing. The software makes decisions faster and smarter. Here cornering braking intervention, a lower gear at the top, a stiffer damper on the firmer side – the compact car is nimble around the corner.
  4. Thanks to the direct steering, the S3 can be precisely positioned. In driving modes, the weight of the steering wheel varies. All programs should have more sensations. Overall, however, Audi gives the front wheels a decent ride and traction.
  5. The four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine of the Audi S3 has received several modifications. Audi changes fuel pressure and catalytic converters to improve emissions. Throughout the Zwoliter remains a reliable and predictable engine: not spontaneous and acoustically mediocre, but powerful, persistent and easy to turn. It's fun to use it across the rev range between corners and let the virtual pointer dance across the dashboard.
  6. The dual-clutch seven-speed transmission transmits torque to both axles. There is always a moment in front, but only in the rear when the software requires it: a multi-plate clutch connects the rear wheels to the transmission if there is a risk or slippage in the front. In day-to-day slow operation, the S3 becomes front-wheel drive. This saves fuel. A nimble Audi should consume an average of 7.2 to 7.4 super liters per 100 kilometers.

Each official dealer can safely declare that with such a "filling" inside the car will work like clockwork for many years, without causing absolutely any trouble to its owner.

Confident appearance

The new car makes a real impression; it is very muscular and hot on the move. The wheel arches increase by 1.5 centimeters in width on each side. The car boasts of its powerful front end. The large black grille and black-contoured side air intakes look great on the S3. This is already known from the S-Line, but here it looks more laconic. For an even sportier appearance, Audi offers optional Matrix LED headlights with characteristic daytime running lights. However, aluminum-coated mirror caps and two pairs of tailpipes at the rear are standard on the S3. The sporty rear model features enlarged air intakes and a diffuser.

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