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New Audi SQ7

Manufacturing a wide range of crossovers is one of Audi's best marketing ploys of the past decade. This European car successfully competes in this niche with South Korean, Japanese, Chinese and North American manufacturers. Thanks to the powerful technical and production base Audi can say with confidence that there are very few real similar offers from other manufacturers.

Sports modifications of crossovers have a separate letter identification at Audi in the form of the "SQ" index. The full-size urban SUV Audi SQ7 is one of the most commercially successful models in this category from the German manufacturer. This is a technically perfect vehicle which due to its technical characteristics allows its operation in almost any conditions.

The first-class build level and rich equipment of the Audi SQ7 place this car in the upper price category. However the demand for this model remains consistently high. Its sale takes the first place in popularity among the official dealers of the company. This status is ensured by well-thought-out design and long-term reliability. To buy such a car means to give yourself comfort on the road in any conditions.

Advantages of the model

The car has a stylish and dynamic exterior. The smooth lines of the large body are a delight from the very first acquaintance with the Audi SQ7. In addition the streamlining of the car has a positive effect on reducing the aerodynamic resistance to the incoming air flow. Considering that the maximum speed limited by the manufacturer for this car is 250 km / h this coefficient is significant.

The standard equipment of the Audi SQ7 includes permanent all-wheel drive. Large wheels with a diameter of 22 inches combined with a wide wheelbase that is almost 3 meters give this car excellent stability both on and off paved roads.

The car is quite large: with a length of 507 cm, its width is 221 cm, and its height is 174 cm. Such numbers perfectly describe the spaciousness of the cabin. It is quite comfortable to sit in it even for people with a large weight. And the luggage compartment, which has a volume of 803 liters, can easily accommodate even the largest loads not to mention ordinary household items and daily store purchases. The maximum payload capacity of the Audi SQ7 is 3,500 kilograms. The experience of operating a car shows that this resource of things transportation is almost never fully used.

The Audi SQ7 engine is a matter of special pride for the company's engineers. Its working volume of 3996 cubic centimeters perfectly copes with all the loads that the driver can put in this vehicle. With a total power of 507 h/p, the torque is 5500 N * m. Economical use is achieved by using the so-called Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The installed motor-generator is of secondary importance but it allows the car to get away faster or even move at a low speed. In addition it actively replenishes the battery charge during braking using the recuperation principle.

The technical equipment of the car is the pride Audi and consists of the following systems and units:

  • adaptive air suspension;
  • Hi-End class media system with surround sound;
  • matrix LED headlights;
  • laser-phosphor high beam;
  • flexible transmission control system;
  • installation of electric closers on all doors;
  • climate control providing for the creation of four temperature zones;
  • Sensitive external video camera system with support for night-time operation and improved pedestrian recognition.

Thus the Audi SQ7 is the model that sets the standard for the entire SUV family. You can buy this wonderful vehicle with maximum advantage if you use the electronic catalog of sellers on our website. Thanks to the convenient search system you will find a dealer near me in a few minutes.

Car purchase procedure

The new Audi SQ7 has so many advantages that it is difficult to name real competitors for this model. If you are still undecided which car to buy then this urban SUV with a versatile set of functions will be a great choice. Maximum comfort for passengers and driver as well as excellent driving performance of this vehicle can be serious arguments to purchase it.

The basic equipment of the Audi SQ7 includes:

  • full LED headlights;
  • Matrix LED optics;
  • 1920W Bang & Olufsen audio system with 23 speakers;
  • reinforced carbon ceramic brakes;
  • two Android tablets connected to the central multimedia system for the second row passengers.

In addition you can order 24 electronic assistants including adaptive cruise control with the function of self-driving in traffic jams. The crossover is available in five- and seven-seater versions.

Buying a car from an authorized dealer allows the client to be flexible about the equipment, get a car with the desired engine and at a more affordable price.



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