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Bmw 5 series

BMW cars have models in almost all niches of the personal car market. The most powerful production base, huge scientific and technical potential allow the company to put on the market both small cars and supercars. However, most of the models follow the ideology of producing high-quality and technically advanced vehicles of the highest class. Despite the fact that the price of BMW cars is sometimes high, but the level of their performance is still higher.

Along with sports cars, BMW is successfully presenting cars in the business segment. Representative modifications of the Bavarian automaker's car are assigned to the 5 series. This includes E-Class vehicles that offer increased comfort for both driver and passenger. The full-size design, regardless of the body, allows you to enjoy driving in both the front and rear seats.

Our site actively selects trusted and reliable BMW car dealers in your area. We make sure that the sale is carried out under transparent conditions and with the proper execution of all documents. By purchasing a car using our online catalog, you save time and money. Each official dealer on our list provides a complete BMW sales package.

BMW business cars

The decision to produce business class cars in a separate series was implemented by BMW back in 1972. It was during this period that the 520 and 520i models were launched on the market. A year later, the next modification came off the assembly line - model 525. These cars were characterized by a powerful propulsion system and a full-size interior. A reliable 6-cylinder gasoline engine is considered standard, allowing the car to gain momentum with confidence even when fully loaded with passengers.

The development of the series was very intensive. Dynamic marketing has made it possible to regularly update the line by upgrading existing models. In addition, implementing a policy of continuity, in the event of global changes in the body and design of the machine, they were transferred to the next generation.

As of today, official BMW dealers offer the seventh generation of the 5 Series for sale. These machines inherit all the best features of the line and at the same time are distinguished by the maximum technical excellence. In terms of their equipment, they are sometimes equated with the upper middle class. However, the luxury performance is not put in the head, as it is done with a representative class car, therefore, the price-quality ratio for such cars is more optimal.

Buying an elegant BMW 5 Series from an authorized dealer will help you feel free on the road. All cars in this line are great for everyday city driving. In cars, it is equally comfortable to move in a leisurely stream of traffic and on busy highways. You can buy a new BMW 5 Series if you use the services of our website.

Technical features

The existing BMW 5 Series range includes cars made in the following bodies:

  • G30: four-door sedan;
  • G31: five-door station wagon;
  • G38: Long wheelbase four-door sedan.

In addition, a 5 series machine with a hybrid power plant is being developed.

The technical features of this car are aimed at creating the most comfortable driving conditions. This is largely facilitated by the maximum implementation of electronic and computer systems in the equipment of the machine. These include:

  • improved multimedia interface;
  • recognition of the driver's gestures;
  • increased informative projection area on the windshield;
  • adaptive navigation tips;
  • video cameras for monitoring the traffic situation;
  • laser headlights;
  • diamond speakers of the audio system;
  • multifunctional remote control key.

The car's suspension and steering system are beyond praise. Combined with an intelligent robotic automatic gearbox, the driver gets a simple and pleasant driving experience in all conditions.

How to choose a car for yourself

A new car is always an important purchase. Based on this, it is better to entrust the solution of this issue to those for whom the sale of a car is the main activity. Leading dealers in all regions are represented on our site. In addition, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the conditions that they offer.

The selection of a BMW 5 Series often lies in the choice of the power plant, since this factor is the main difference for the models of the same lineup. With the help of our website, you can purchase a car with both gasoline and diesel engines. Following the principles of providing maximum driver comfort, the BMW 5 Series is mostly produced with automatic transmissions. They have, as a rule, 8 steps and provide efficient high-speed car control.

The youngest engine in the lineup is the two-liter inline diesel in the BMW 520d. However, it is also the most economical - consumption per 100 kilometers per hour is only 3.9 liters. And for those who want to operate their car as economically as possible, we recommend buying the hybrid BMW 530e, which, thanks to the classic layout, has a consumption of only 2 liters per 100 kilometers.

If your choice is power and speed, the BMW 550i 8-cylinder petrol is the uncompromising choice. An incredible 462 horsepower gives this car explosive dynamics and instant acceleration. Find the right dealer near me on our website.




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