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BMW cars are among the most recognizable of all vehicles. The famous emblem of this brand, which is a propeller enclosed in a circle. Although this is not entirely correct. But this version has a right to exist. A modern logo speaks of clarity and openness. He kind of invites clients to join, to become part of the company. Contemporary design reflects the possibilities of the digital age. The logo has become a symbol of the brand and the pleasure of driving this luxury car.

If you want to feel as comfortable as possible behind the wheel of a new car, then BMW is the unmistakable choice. Buying a new car of this brand means giving yourself many years of trouble-free operation and driving pleasure. You can buy a BMW car from official dealers, which are presented on our website. A large selection of cars that we offer to satisfy the demand of even the most demanding car enthusiast.

History of the company

Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW means "Bavarian Motor Works". The company is engaged in the production of various types of vehicles, including:

  • sports, cars and cross-country vehicles;
  • motorcycles.

Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto set up 2 small aviation companies. This was due to the need of the German state for aircraft engines. Therefore, two designers have teamed up and created one plant. The brand was registered in 1917. After the war, the company began making motorcycle engines. Gradually, new factories are acquired, as well as a license for the production of a small car. Dixi - this was the name of the first car of the famous company today. Later, a new BMW appears - a sports model. She became the leader among vehicles in this category, leaving far behind her competitors. The car participated in many competitions and won a lot of prizes. When World War II broke out, the company resumed its business in the production of aircraft engines. At the same time, the development of rocket and jet engines was carried out. After the war, the company almost went bankrupt. Therefore, he again begins to produce small cars. And only in the 70s of the last century, cars of the famous BMW series began to appear. Today the company has 5 factories located in Germany. There are also subsidiaries around the world.

Leading models

Today many people want to buy a new BMW. Among the model range of this brand, experts distinguish the most reliable vehicles:

  1. BMW 1er.
  2. BMW 2.
  3. BMW 3.
  4. BMW X2.
  5. BMW X3.
  6. BMW X4.
  7. BMW X5.
  8. BMW X4 M.
  9. BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo and other models.

Each of them deserves attention, has its own characteristics, differs in configuration, additional options, design, color scheme. To understand the nuances, it is better to contact an authorized dealer for help, who can choose a model for your personal preferences and financial capabilities.

How to choose and buy a BMW car

Our site offers to purchase a wide range of new BMWs. We work with trusted and trusted sellers. Each authorized dealer that you can visit on our website provides a factory warranty for the vehicles sold. The selection of a car for purchase begins with determining its purpose. Conventionally, the following directions for purchasing a car can be distinguished:

  • compact car for individual use or a couple;
  • a full-fledged family car;
  • premium car;
  • a car for extreme driving.

Each officially accepted type of car, which is produced by BMW, can be simultaneously used for several purposes. So, a wide range of SUVs and crossovers can be used both for moving on rough terrain and on city roads. At the same time, their size will be quite enough for a family of even 4-5 people.

Of course, when buying a new car, absentee or remote purchase is highly discouraged. You need to try on the car for yourself, or even better take the opportunity to test drive. With the help of our website, you can find a dealer near you, who will provide a full range of pre-sale services, as well as quickly carry out a transaction for the sale and purchase of a vehicle. He will pick up a crossover, hatchback, minivan, sedan, convertible, station wagon or other model. The choice is so large that it will allow you to choose a car that you like.

If you have not yet finally decided on the choice of a specific BMW model for purchase, we recommend that you preview the cars from several suppliers. To do this, you need to contact the dealers near you in advance using the phones indicated on our website. Proper use of the free car purchase services we offer will greatly save you time and money.

Almost 100 years have passed since the company released its first car. During this period, many amazing models rolled off the assembly line. They are deservedly popular with motorists. Bavarian masters create real masterpieces in the automotive world and it is impossible to prevent this.

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