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Features and characteristics of the BMW M2

BMW M2 is a series of sports cars produced by the manufacturer in Munich. The public first found out about it in 2015. The cars are distinguished by a combination of excellent sports performance and a traditional rear-wheel drive with good maneuverability. They are equipped with electronic components and parts and have impeccable driving characteristics. The exterior is bright and stylish, the interior is attractive and decorated with quality materials.

The sporty driving experience of the BMW M2 Coupe is a real pleasure for the driver. Even more power, an excellent combination of agility and precise control loudspeakers are found in the BMW M2 Competition. But in this lineup we can find even more powerful representative of the German brand and this is the BMW M2 CS. Every element of this model has been designed with the utmost care to achieve excellent performance and the best results on the race track.

Exterior of the BMW M2

BMW M2 series in its appearance doesn’t almost differ from earlier versions. All cars have a larger radiator grille, a new type of mirrors, a changed bumper design and other parameters of air intake niches.

At the front of the cars there is a large, imposing bumper with side recesses. The rear lighting is split horizontally with a distinctively raised surface. The impressive image of the car is complemented by a compact trunk lid with a spoiler, the rear window has a large tilt angle.

At first sight the new BMW M2 attracts attention with the impetuous character of any car in this line, their elegance and power. The front part of the vehicle is elongated, the main part is tightly attached to the body. The roofline is smooth and the large windscreen angle emphasizes the sporty character.

Wide fenders and powerful 19-inch aluminum rims are striking in sports cars also. The aggressive appearance makes these vehicles attractive to the driver and mesmerizing for the other riders.

The interior space of the BMW M2

The interior design is characterized by comfort and special style. High class materials were used for their design. The cars are equipped with leather sports seats. They have excellent lateral support and many electrical adjustments. This allows people of all ages to adjust the chairs for themselves. The steering wheel is large and trimmed with soft material. It fits comfortably in your hand. It has additional buttons for controlling internal functions. There are paddles near the steering wheel for gear shifting. The dashboard is designed in the traditional BMW style.

Various functions and systems are provided for a high level of ride comfort. So the BMW M2 series boasts heated front seats, a powerful audio system, navigation, excellent climate control and other innovations. The cars are equipped with keyless ignition, a movable armrest and a sports steering wheel. There are four airbags in the cabin. Other specifications can be provided by an official dealer.

Other advantages of the BMW M2

Other features of vehicles are:

  • rigid suspension;
  • reliable brakes - four-piston at the front, and two-piston at the rear;
  • excellent rear differential.

Sports cars are also equipped with powerful steering which allows you to adjust the degree of gain depending on the speed of the vehicle. You can buy models of this line by entering "dealer near me" in the search system. Thus you can find a specialist who will help you buy a sports car.


BMW M2 cars are equipped with a set of functional electronic systems to ensure the comfort and safety of the driver and his passengers. In addition they make it easier to control the car. The stability control system is responsible for a high level of safety. It has a set of subsystems among which: functions of drying and serviceability of brakes, the option of help at start.

There are also systems that help drive the car. This is a driving assistant, a rear camera, a high-beam control function. The sale of such sports cars is very popular as they surprise many drivers with their innovative capabilities.

Additional equipment of the BMW M2

Sports cars BMW M2 have not only good technical data, exquisite design and modern equipment but also budget value. In addition to basic functions all buyers are offered:

  • automatic parking;
  • the presence of a hatch;
  • function of recognition of signs on the road;
  • keyless ignition;
  • powerful lighting;
  • rain and light sensors;
  • electric adjustment of the seats.

Thanks to the technical and electronic equipment any car of this series is comfortable for the owner. A huge number of options and innovative fittings simplify the process of driving and operation. Austere but elegant design is the first thing that catches the eye. Anyone who loves speed and style can buy the BMW M2.


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