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Features and characteristics of the BMW M3 series

The BMW M3 is a range of powerful sports cars. The external data of such models is aggressive and powerful. This applies to both the exterior and interior.

The beginning of production is dated 1986. The production of transport was stretched over 5 generations of car versions:

  • the first versions were cars with E30 body;
  • the latter were produced according to the E36 body type;
  • machine in the third generation was produced with the E46 body;
  • the fourth generation of the series was the models produced up to 2013;
  • the fifth were cars with E46 bodies - the beginning of production was in 2014.

In 2005, the BMW m3 E46 GTR became very popular. It became one of the main "heroes" of the computer game Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted. Thanks to this, all the products of the manufacturer from Munich became famous.

BMW M 3 Series vehicles feature athletic proportions and a classic four-door design. The BMW M3 Competition and the BMW M340i xDrive are the spectacular sedans in this range. They have 510 horsepower, an active differential, numerous technologies and impressive practicality.

BMW M3 series interior

The interior space is sporty, with a powerful, functional steering wheel, special aluminum door sills and leg rest. The chairs are low, comfortable, and have lateral support.

Aluminum, plastic, wood and natural leather were used for the interior decoration. These materials can be seen in all models of this line. The space inside is very comfortable. Here, the interior panels are assembled with high quality, excellent noise insulation and pleasant finishing of all parts. In cars of the 3 series all instruments, the center console, and additional elements are optimally located. They have a very large luggage compartment that allows you to transport carry-on luggage and other items without difficulty.

The back seat can accommodate three passengers, so these cars are suitable for traveling with friends. Thanks to the convenient transformation of the interior, the luggage compartment can be doubled. An official dealer will help you with more detailed information about the models.

Key features of the BMW M3 models

The BMW M3 Competition model clearly demonstrates the belonging of the BMW M3 to racing transport. This car is the most powerful of the line, as it is equipped with a six-cylinder petrol engine and a large number of drive and chassis technologies taken from sports cars. In addition, the car has an 8-speed automatic transmission, which stands out for its different shifting options. You can change gears manually using the selector lever or the paddles under the steering wheel. You can also use the automatic control system. Such nuances, providing comfort while driving, make cars of this line very popular. If you would like to purchase a similar model, a dealer near me will help. This service is provided by our company and will select a specialist who lives in the closest availability to you.

In all BMW 3 Series models, the main factors are: comfort, vivid emotions and a high level of safety. This is facilitated by the innovative filling of each generation. Numerous intelligent systems assist the driver when parking and driving.

The appearance of the BMW M3 models

The new BMW M3 of the 5th generation is distinguished by an impressive design that meets all technical indicators of transport. The front end has an interesting architecture. The low aerodynamic body kit testifies to the sportiness and audacity of the vehicle. The sedan has powerful discs with widened fenders, which also speaks of belonging to a sporty character.

Other design elements of the fifth generation of cars have a lot in common with the third generation versions of the BMW M3. There is a radiator grille framed with chrome, powerful main optical lights, a sloping hood, a low teardrop-shaped roof. The taillights protrude outside the car, and this indicates that the versions belong to BMW. To buy a model from a 3 series of Munich-made cars can be profitable if you contact a dealer.

BMW M3 series engines

Based on versions 3 of the BMW line, the following power plants were used in generations:

  • the gasoline engine was installed in the first generation of the M3 series cars and had a volume of 2.5 liters;
  • a gasoline engine with a volume of 3 liters was used for cars of the 2nd generation;
  • the third generation was powered by a 3.2-liter engine;
  • the fourth generation had a power plant with a volume of up to 4 liters;
  • the fifth generation BMW M3 is equipped with a 3-liter engine.

In different years of production of such cars, small batches of cars also appeared, which were equipped with super-powerful motors.

The sale of such versions has always been popular due to its high comfort and safety. And the aggressive, sporty character of the models was able to emphasize the excellent taste of the motorist.



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