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BMW X3– a car of a new generation

Every car enthusiast dreams of buying a car that will satisfy not only technical parameters and characteristics. For modern drivers are equally important comfort, design and appearance of a car. Those who like to keep up with the times and feel the power of their iron horse as well, our company recommends buying a reliable and stylish new BMW X3.

With a length of 4716 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2864 millimeters this car is larger than the 2004 X5 (4665/2820 mm). It can't get to the current X5 because “Bavaria”is usually stretching their models. If the X3 was too big for you then you're out of luck. Today there are X1 and X2. After all, the new BMW X3 is bigger but 55 kilograms lighter than the previous generation. The main models of this class include:

  • X3 xDrive20i A (petrol);
  • X3 xDrive30i A;
  • X3 M40i;
  • X3 xDrive18d (diesel)
  • X3 xDrive20d
  • X3 xDrive25d
  • X3 xDrive30d
  • X3 M40d

The BMW X3 is also an example of the innovative solutions that the SUV segment has undergone over the past 15 years. At the time when the X3 appeared on the market it was impossible to foresee that the car, famous for its sporty rear-wheel drive models with powerful six-cylinder engines, would be successful. Today the sale of such SUVs breaks all records refuting all critics and conservatives.

Vehicle specifications

Professionals say the BMW X3 series is ideal for city roads, highways and rough terrain. Cars are not afraid of obstacles and the driver will feel completely confident and safe in any situation. Let's consider the main technical parameters:

  • length / width / height: 4708/1891/1676 mm;
  • wheelbase: 2864 mm;
  • trunk volume: from 550 to 1600 liters;
  • fuel tank: 65 liters;
  • turning radius: 12 meters.

Today the question arises whether all this technical data meets the requirements of the customer. This time the idea of ​​comfort and progress is not about seat lift and all-wheel drive but in autonomous driving. A new concept of purpose is used for vehicles that are designed to cover long distances.

The new BMW X3 features the latest adaptive cruise control and a safety package with Driving Assistant Plus. The steering and lane selection assistants make your journey safe and comfortable.

Since 2003 BMW developers have been obviously quite happy with the appearance of their product. At least since then only minor changes have been made to the design. Their main goal is to improve the overall picture and make the car sportier. Compared to its predecessor the new one looks more dynamic and angular.

As usual the design inside is of the highest quality. The level of style and comfort is off scale. Every detail here is aimed at making the car owner feel a sense of freedom, lightness and delight. The various instruments and functions in the passenger compartment can be controlled in four ways:

  • via iDrive;
  • through the touch screen;
  • using voice control;
  • gesture control (installation for an additional fee).

Each BMW official dealer will confirm that you won’t express regret for your decision to buy such a car and doubt its capabilities.

Equipment means comfort and luxury

As mentioned above, the optional equipment is almost the same as what we would expect to see in a high-end SUV. The interior trim is made of precious woods and leather. Also 19-inch smart-display models, LED headlights and ambient light are available. Ordering systems, elements, assemblies separately can be expensive as various additional accessories are required. That’s why BMW has prepared an overall functional package that includes:

  • keyless entry;
  • acoustic glazing;
  • electric seat adjustment;
  • lumbar support and seat heating (for both driver's and front passenger's seat).

The “Austria” package has been also developed with interior and exterior mirrors, lumbar support, parking assistant, but above all with a business navigation system. The navigation system is especially popular in the BMW X3, which is often used as a company car.

We are looking for a reliable dealer

The modern car market is simply huge so an inexperienced buyer can easily fall for the "bait" of unscrupulous firms. In this case the money will be wasted and the purchased car will not meet expectations. Our company works only with trusted and reliable dealers and offers a "dealer near me" service. With its help the buyer can not only view information about the BMW X3 on the website but also see it in reality, conduct a test drive, feel, if desired, every detail and communicate with the seller. Only in this case it is possible to give a full assessment of the technical and external data of the car and make a purchase decision. The company meets every client halfway and takes into account all his wishes regarding the vehicle purchase. We provide technical, informational and legal support at all stages of cooperation that’s why dealing with us is a guarantee of purchasing the perfect car.


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