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BMW X4 M car

For the first time, the new BMW X4 M was presented at one of the Geneva Motor Shows in 2019. The coupe-like crossover became so popular, that pre-orders for it began to be made six months before the official presentation, and its sales began in the fall of the same year. Like any car of the BMW brand, the cars of the series are powerful, bright and show themselves well on any section of the road. They combine the excellent technical characteristics of the M series with the impressive and elegant appearance of the BMW X4.

Design solutions

The appearance of cars of the BMW X4 M series immediately speaks of their outstanding characteristics. Exclusivity is indicated by a beautiful silhouette with an extended bonnet and a sloping roof. They resemble coupe-type cars in appearance, but also speak of outstanding power and power hidden under the hood. At the front, there is a front bumper with large air intakes and a wide grille in the center stands out. At the rear, there are four tailpipes of the exhaust system, which have adjustable flaps, as well as special fender liners, a roof spoiler and the edges of the fifth door, fit perfectly into the interior. Fenders on cars are usually painted in body color, but the dealer near me offers 7 different shades to choose from, and there is also the option of ordering carbon fiber trim with M Carbon trims. There are many technical innovations in the interior of the crossover, including:

  • sports steering wheel with two programming buttons that allow you to record your individual electronics settings;
  • sports chairs with excellent back support and leather upholstery;
  • inserts made of carbon fiber or glossy plastic;
  • elegant gear selector.

The car has many useful functions, such as a projector and a parking assistant. A smart navigator will help you find your way even in completely unfamiliar places.


All X4 vehicles offer excellent maneuverability and handling thanks to the latest suspension calibration. Its settings can be adjusted at any time, taking into account the road surface (snow, gravel, sand or smooth asphalt). The cars respond perfectly to both a comfortable economical driving mode and a high-speed sporty one with improved steering. The official dealer presents several configurations to choose from:

  • BMW X4 M 40i and BMW X4 M 40d offer the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency;
  • The BMW X4 M Competition has excellent speed and dynamics and will be delightful on any road or track.

The Competition has received unique solutions in terms of finishes and designs, which in no way hinder its powerful characteristics. Like the BMW X4 M 40i, the Competition is equipped with an M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder petrol engine with an 8-speed gearbox and develops up to 354 hp. In turn, the BMW X4 M40d has a diesel engine equipped with two TwinScroll turbochargers with variable turbine geometry, has a power of 326 hp.

Cars of the BMW X4 M series have impressive dimensions. The unloaded weight of the car will be 2045 kilograms, and the permissible gross weight is 2500 kg. For all its power and beauty, the car has the following dimensions:

  • length - 4758 mm;
  • width - 1927 mm;
  • height –1620 mm.

The range of the X4 M series has a large fuel tank of 65 liters, as well as a spacious luggage compartment. Unlike many of its predecessors, the X4 M series does not have a rear-wheel drive mode, but when the M xDrive 4WD Sport function is activated. You can drift, because most of the moment is transferred to the rear axle. A big plus will be the M Servotronic steering coordination system, which will provide optimal effort on it and will help you adapt to any speed and road section. For the brake pads, the company used high-strength composite materials. They guarantee a long service life and exceptional stability. Their reduced weight will add mobility and maneuverability to the car.

If you cannot choose the model of the series yourself, contact the specialists of our official dealer Mycars for help. Here they will answer all questions, help you choose the most suitable option, based on your preferences, needs, financial capabilities and driving style.

Authorized Dealer Benefits

An official Mycars dealer will help you to buy a new BMW X4 M at the best price. The site contains the entire model range. You can choose a car of a suitable configuration, as well as colors. The choice here is so large that it will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customer.

You can make sure that the chosen car suits you by using a test drive. You can sign up for it directly on the website or from our manager. It will not take much time, but you will be able to drive a car on your own, understand how comfortable you are in it, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

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