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BMW X5 M car

The new BMW X5 M was unveiled in 2019 and became the sporty version of the X5 crossover. As it turned out, the release of such cars became a good marketing ploy for the company. The new series sold well all over the world. It doesn't differ much from its predecessor but there is a difference. The new body has a more aggressive front bumper with larger air ducts. The front grille, styled with black slats and double piping, is reminiscent of the car's outstanding sporting credentials. The rear bumper is equipped with a diffuser and four round exhaust pipes. The spoiler on the X5 M is better developed and once again reminds that the car has the qualities of a sports car.

Unusual, memorable design

The new X5 M is a premium sports crossover. The car of this series received a more dynamic and aggressive design. Inside you can see a variety of aluminum and carbon fiber inserts. The cars are equipped with comfortable sports seats with lateral support function which are covered with quality Merino leather. The steering wheel is equipped with many useful functions as well as two buttons that allow you to customize your own electronics operation mode. The new BMW X5 M series demonstrates excellence even in the smallest details.

Dimensions (edit)

X5 M has impressive dimensions. The dealer next to me offers this car with the following parameters:

  • length  4880 mm;
  • width  1985 mm;
  • height  1754 mm;
  • wheelbase  2933 mm.

The vehicle's ground clearance is 195 mm which will allow the car to overcome any sections of the road comfortably. Although the X5 M is based on the body of its predecessor there are many improvements in the car. It is equipped with additional spacers and reinforcements. The manufacturer also installed several adaptive struts and silent blocks in the suspension. The uniqueness of this series consists of a sporty component and a powerful X5 package. The car weight is as much as 2275 kg, the carrying capacity is 695 kg. The trunk has a capacity of 650 liters but thanks to the folding seats you can reach as much as 1870 liters. This allows you to carry large and heavy loads here. It is very convenient if you are planning a long trip.


You can buy the car with a powerful 4.4-liter M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder engine. It is equipped with two turbochargers and a direct fuel transfer system; the variable valve timing system also adds uniqueness to this engine. The dry sump lubrication system increases the reliability of the engine on long bends and prevents oil starvation. The X5 M series has an improved cooling system, an additional radiator and an electric pump installed under the left wing. The reliability is increased by means of cooling circuit of the turbochargers as well as much stronger intercoolers. For better braking a fully autonomous booster is installed which has its own electric motor. In general, the engine has the following parameters:

  • engine volume  4395 cubic centimeters;
  • power 600 horsepower;
  • torque  750 Newton meters.

The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive system with a rear limited-slip differential. In addition to its powerful filling and unique design, the vehicle is also equipped with many useful features such as:

  • package of driver assistance system  guarantees general safety while driving and general comfort in driving;
  • parking assistant  will allow you to see a three-dimensional image of the car including a top view and simplify maneuvering;
  • head-up display  will help keep all important information in front of your eyes;
  • a unique dashboard  equipped with two displays and a navigation system.

The car key is made with the content of innovative technologies. It is equipped with its own touch screen which will allow you to find out all the important information about the car in time.

The official dealer offers the entire model range of the series:

  • Х5M Competition (4.4 l, S63 V8 twin turbo, 625 hp 750 Nm);
  • X5M (4.4 l, S63 V8 twin turbo 600 hp 750 Nm);
  • X5M 50i (4.4 lb N63 V8 twin turbo 530 hp 750 Nm);
  • X5M 50d (3.0 l, B57 I6 quad turbo 400 hp 760 Nm).

The first 3 models run on gasoline and the last one on diesel, so its power is lower but fuel consumption is more economical.

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