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Sale of new BMW Z4 cars

For lovers of premium cars, we present the BMW Z4 series of rear-wheel drive cars. All models combine stylish design, luxurious interior, power and dynamism. The cars are equipped with modern technical filling, which makes driving easier and increases driving safety. They are positioned as a means of transportation for successful and ambitious people who have already succeeded in life. With any of them, you can get the most out of control. Long distance driving will be very comfortable.

The launch of this line was laid in 2002. The first public display took place at the Paris Motor Show. The first models of the BMW Z4 were produced only with a coupe body. The second generation was replenished with a coupe-convertible modification. In August 2016, the company made the decision to discontinue the prestigious version, but that was not for long. Production was resumed two years later. The cars have retained the basic features of the previous models. You can buy the new BMW Z4 in different trim levels and bodywork.

BMW Z4 – stylish car with modern technologies

If you look in profile, the two-door car is remembered for its dynamic and pressed body contour, with a long hood. The massive front end, the interior offset to the rear axle, convex sidewalls and huge wheel arches make this BMW model very striking and memorable. A soft roof with the ability to fold adds refinement to the car. At the rear of the roadster, the narrow lanterns, the compact rear spoiler and the massive bumper attract attention. Completing the look are two trapezoidal exhaust pipes.

When an official dealer is nearby, buying a new car is easy. All cars come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Cars of the BMW Z4 range are presented in a wide selection. It is quite easy to find a car with the necessary equipment and characteristics. The choice of cars in different bodywork is also large:

  • compartment;
  • sports cars;
  • coupe-convertibles;
  • other models.

The BMW brand is popular and recognizable all over the world. Cars of this brand are characterized as reliable and durable. Machine maintenance is very simple and affordable. When buying a car from an authorized dealer, it will be easier to maintain and replace parts in the future.

Features of BMW Z4 series cars

Large "nostrils" of the radiator grille, predatory gaze of optics from LEDs, stylish recognizable design and rich equipment, all these are characteristics inherent in BMW Z4 cars. Cars are equipped with powerful engines, thanks to which in their class, most models occupy leading indicators in most parameters. All cars are distinguished by excellent acceleration dynamics, excellent handling.

Most of the models are already equipped with various systems in the basic configuration, which are available in other cars only in medium or maximum versions. Most cars are fitted with 17-inch wheels. A maximum of 21 rollers can be installed. Motors are presented in gasoline options. Some engines are turbocharged.

Inside the cabin, the Bavarian car has a similar style of decoration and design. Beautiful design with the highest quality workmanship. The salon in expensive versions is leather, with a front panel trimmed with natural wood and aluminum inserts. Inside, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, each button and lever is in the right place. The steering wheel is very comfortable, it contains control buttons for various car systems.

BMW is stylish prestigiously recognizable

When an official dealer is near me to buy a car in the required configuration, it is quite simple. Sale of new models with a guarantee from the manufacturer is carried out only with us. Experienced specialists working with us will help in choosing a car for all your requirements and preferences. As an official dealer, we carry out maintenance and repair of cars. It will be easier for the buyer to purchase original spare parts from us. When buying a car from an authorized BMW representative, you get a vehicle in perfect technical condition.

You can get the necessary advice on a car and its purchase online. The company's specialists will provide it at any time. Maintenance and repairs are carried out using only original spare parts. All parts are available in the warehouse, if necessary, they will be delivered under the order, within a short time.

The staff of the dealership is constantly undergoing training, which allows him to perfectly understand all the intricacies of each car model. They will tell you about their advantages and possible disadvantages. BMW cars are known all over the world for their reliability and durability without breakdowns. Become with us, and you are the owner of a modern car with a full range of technological capabilities.



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