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Chrysler Pacifika belongs to family car models. The car is distinguished by its comfort, the presence of a large space in the cabin. It is great for daily commuting with the whole family and is also great for long distance travel. The new Chrysler Pacifica has excellent acceleration dynamics and easy handling. The seats of the third and second row can be folded, freeing up space for transporting various goods. This year the car received various updates that affected:

  • interior and exterior design;
  • installation of a new information and entertainment system, as well as wireless communications from Apple;
  • new options in the standard version available to the driver, including automatic emergency braking and integrated cruise control.

Chrysler Pacifica is ideal if you need a spacious car for a large family, featuring practicality and modern systems. The minivan has a spacious cabin, which will be comfortable for all passengers. Everything you need for long and long trips is present here. There are many compartments for storing small things, cup holders, a vacuum cleaner, USB ports for 12V, two of them have a quick charge function.

The official dealer offers cars with different configurations, models with different motors. A full range of services is provided for all vehicles. The consultants of the dealership will help you to choose a vehicle for your requirements and characteristics.

Chrysler Pacific Release

The production of the car began in 2003. Then the first model rolled off the assembly line in Windsor in January. The car with the XS index was called the Sport Tourer by the developers, which speaks of the sporty-tourist nature of the model. In 2004-2008, this model was produced in large numbers, classified as a crossover. Since 2016, it has been running like a minivan.

Chrysler Pacifica replaced its predecessor Chrysler Town Country after 2015. The manufacturing company initially did not plan to change the name. The procedure is quite costly, so they wanted to leave it as it was before. Under the name Chrysler Pacifica, the car was presented in 2016 on January 11. The decision to change the name was dictated by the desire to distinguish the car from the previous minivan models produced by the manufacturer.

Chrysler Pacifica received an updated design. His appearance has changed to a sporty side. A bet was made on more graceful body features, the previous angularity was removed. The design of the novelty was carried out with an eye on the style of the Chrysler 200. The initial assembly of the car was carried out in the province of Ontario, Canada. Minivan, after passing crash tests for safety, received the highest possible rating.

The car is produced in five trim levels. The LX comes with a 305 horsepower engine with a 3.6 liter displacement. An automatic transmission with 9 gears is installed. It will not be difficult to choose a complete set of transport for your preferences.

Choosing a new car

When the dealer is near me, picking up a new car is easiest. Chrysler cars are high performance. Chrysler Pacifica models are characterized by the following indicators:

  • high level of comfort;
  • easy handling;
  • reliability of components and mechanisms of a car;
  • stylish appearance;
  • spacious salon;
  • ease of repair and maintenance;
  • a large number of modern systems in the car that improve driving safety.

Pacifica is a fairly popular minivan model. After the start of sales in May 2016, by mid-autumn it occupied up to 20% of the market for minivan sales in the United States. The car yielded the first place by this criterion to the model from the "Toyota" company. In 2019, the car with medium and basic equipment will be renamed the Chrysler Voyager. In the winter of 2020, the Chicago Auto Show introduced the Chrysler Pacifica with all-wheel drive.

When choosing a new car, you need to look for what purpose you need it. If you do not plan long trips with your family, but will move exclusively within the city, the basic configuration will be enough. If you travel a lot with your family, you need a roomy and powerful car. The top-of-the-line Chrysler Pacifica will do the best.

A number of different updates are planned by the Pacifica manufacturer in 2021. They significantly improve technical and operational characteristics. In particular, the driver assistance functions have been improved to avoid a collision, and emergency braking is provided in automatic mode. It is planned to install a large 10 "touch screen (in previous models, the display was 7"). According to engineers, the new Uconnect system makes information processing 5 times faster. It also supports wireless firmware upgrades. The manufacturer does everything possible to make the new owner of the Chrysler Pacifica car enjoy tremendous driving pleasure and feel comfortable.


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