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The Ford Escape car model belongs to compact crossovers. Ford began to produce cars in 2001. Although the car belongs to the line of crossovers, it positions itself as an SUV. On sale in the European market, the car is better known as the Ford Maverick. Also, this model was produced in luxury equipment from 2005 to 2010 by the Mercury division.

Most of the SUV models for the US market in 2000 were equipped with a frame structure. The car used solutions that are more suitable for trucks. Among them are:

  • bridges made continuous;
  • dependent suspension.

This allowed the vehicles to transport large loads, as well as feel good off-road conditions.

When designing the Ford Escape, the designers decided that this car is not used very often by owners on bad roads. Therefore, it was decided to make the body structure a carrier. The suspension became completely independent, and a rail was installed for the steering mechanism. The options added the ability to install all-wheel drive, which had a center differential lock. When slipping in automatic mode, the rear axle is connected.

Until 2003, cars with two versions of engines were available for sale. The first was an in-line 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 2 liters. A manual transmission was installed here. The second motor was more powerful, its volume was 3 liters. The checkpoint here was automatic. In the diesel version, the car was not produced in those years. Since 2006, after the termination of the production of Maverick, the well-known Ford Cuga went on sale on the European market.


It is more profitable to buy a new Ford Escape from an authorized dealer. In the presence of a large selection of cars of different configurations. It will not be difficult to find a car for your requirements and preferences. All vehicles are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. We offer a wide range of original spare parts at reasonable prices.

Vehicle capabilities

Auto is pretty safe. After crash tests, the car received 5 points for the protection of the driver and 4 points for the safety of passengers in the cabin. This is true in a head-on collision of a car at a speed of 56 km / h. In a side collision, the car scores much lower.

All models of this line of vehicles are equipped with an electronic key. Each time the motor is started, information is read from it. If the car system does not receive validation of the key, the engine will not start. Such capabilities allow the car to be the most protected from theft in its class. The Ford Escape received a major update in 2013. For the first time, the updated version was presented to the public in 2011, at the car show taking place in Los Angeles. The car was created on a common platform with For Focus 2012 release. The basic design features are largely identical to the Ford Cuga sold in the European and Asian markets. The updated models are equipped with 2.5 and 1.6 liter engines. Both engines are four-cylinder in-line. The cars have front-wheel drive, 6-speed gearbox.

If the official dealer is near me, choosing a new car becomes much easier. Managers, if necessary, will help with the choice of a car, select the best configuration options for you. Also, the official dealer is always the lowest price. Buying a car from us, the client can be completely sure of its quality and good technical condition.

Features Ford Escape

The Ford Escape, as well as the similar Maverick, Mercury and Mariner, are assembled on the basis of the Mazda Tribute line. In the Ford corporation, this car is considered one of the most successful, and is in great demand among customers. The car took a high place in the class of urban crossovers, its popularity is constantly growing.

All the flaws of previous Ford models have been eliminated in the design of the car. This is attributed to the participation of engineers from Japan from Mazda in the development of an updated version of the Ford Escape. The Ford Escape car received excellent handling. Reliable, with a powerful engine and torque, the vehicle is characterized by low fuel consumption. The gearbox works as clearly as possible, without jamming and jerking. Front-wheel drive in a car has proven itself well in urban environments and beyond. Even the smallest in terms of power in the lineup, a 2.3-liter engine drives excellently, overcoming any difficulties of the road (ruts, pits, deep puddles, other obstacles).

If you need a new car, an official dealer will be the best option to buy. The car has a fairly roomy interior, in which even tall people will feel comfortable. The trunk for this class of car is very roomy. You can transport the necessary things without any problems. The energy-intensive suspension is very popular with users who have to travel a lot on poor road surfaces. For purchase, please contact us at the contacts presented on the site. Our managers will answer your questions, help you choose a car that suits all your requirements and characteristics.



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