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The new Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport is modern and memorable

Ford Escape Hybrid appeared in the manufacturer's line in 2005. It looks different from the regular gasoline-powered Escape. The main difference is hidden inside under the hood. The car is set in motion by the mutual work of a four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. In this car, great attention is paid to the moment of environmental friendliness. The seat upholstery is made entirely of recycled materials to reduce energy and water costs.

The Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport is at the top of all ratings and surveys in the United States. Dry statistics indicate that this model was the best-selling car in the Ford lineup in 2019. The car which underwent modernization in 2020 took 4th place in the ranking of small SUVs. In terms of reliability the car received 4.5 points. In 2018 the Ford model was among the 25 most sold and popular cars.

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Options and characteristics of the car

The release of the car in America takes place in 4 trim levels. The fourth generation Ford Escape Hybrid, went on sale in 2019. It has become very popular with car enthusiasts. All versions have different functions that make driving more comfortable. The version of the Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport in this regard is the most "stuffed". Available for the driver in the basic configuration:

  • turbocharged engine for 3 cylinders with a capacity of 180 h/p;
  • automatic transmission for 8 gears;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • fabric interior;
  • entertainment system with 4.2 inches display;
  • six speakers;
  • an assistance system that tracks blind spots;
  • system that keeps the car in the lane;
  • Rear View Camera.

For the SE these features are complemented by several more useful and interesting options. The driver's seat has received power controls. There is also a heated front row, automatic climate control and a system with an 8-inch screen, a radio that works via satellite. There is SEL which has a hands-free electric door drive as well. Rear parking sensors and a heated steering wheel are installed in the car. Synthetic leather is used as a material for the upholstery.

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Features of the car

The Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport is highly efficient in many ways. Engine power allows the driver to feel confident in the city and on the suburban road. At the same time the car cannot be classified as a sports crossover but its capabilities are quite large. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor produces 200 horsepower and 152 Nm of torque. The car has four-wheel drive providing good cross-country ability. A motor is quite economical and reliable. In the combined cycle fuel consumption is 5-6 liters per 100 kilometers.

The transmission works in conjunction with an electronic variator. The presence of additional electronics improves the handling and comfort of the car. The operation of the lithium-ion battery pack can be viewed on a 12.3-inch screen. When switching from electric power to gas all the necessary information is shown. Additional features are available for a fee, for example you will need to pay extra for all-wheel drive and a package of premium options. AT the same time the car will additionally receive 19-inch wheels, Active-X seats and a panoramic roof. The company is positioning the Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport as a sports hybrid but as user reviews show this is a pretty nimble and powerful machine.

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The Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport is one of the best models in the compact crossover segment. In terms of its characteristics and capabilities it is better than many cars of this line of other manufacturers. Good acceleration dynamics, acceptable fuel consumption, the presence of various electronic options, a spacious interior, stylish appearance and other advantages made this Ford model very popular in the sales market.


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