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New Ford Expedition – comfortable and impressive

The Ford Expedition car model was created by Ford Motor companies as a replacement for the previously produced the Ford Bronco car. The machine was introduced to users in 1997. It was originally planned that the car would take its place between the compact Ford Explorer and the larger Excursion which was discontinued in 2005. This allowed Ford Expedition to become the largest SUV. The car was produced on the basis of a truck which makes it possible to pull a trailer with a load.

An independent front suspension was installed in the car. A dependent multi-link was placed at the back. For the steering a hydraulic booster was used the force of which changed with a change in the speed of the gear ratio. The car had automatic four-wheel drive. The center differential was self-locking with a "smart" function. For all-wheel drive 4 different modes were offered. The driver could choose the most suitable option depending on the road he was driving. The following equipment was suggested:

  • rear wheel drive;
  • four-wheel drive with automatic connection;
  • four-wheel drive mode on two axles of the vehicle;
  • four-wheel drive in the first gear of the checkpoint.

The car had the good basic and top-end equipment, many different functions and capabilities.

It is recommended to buy a new Ford Expedition through an authorized dealer. It will not be difficult to find a car with the required equipment and parameters. Any original spare parts for a car from an official manufacturer are available. Using the contacts that are on our website you can quickly arrange the purchase of the car you are interested in.

Options and capabilities of Ford Expedition

In the first models the car had two rows of seats the third one was offered as an optional extra. Among other functions it was possible to order:

  • leather interior;
  • heated mirrors;
  • electric sunroof;
  • premium audio system;
  • two-zone climate control.

As other options additional underbody protection, a limited slip differential and a trailer towing package were also available. An electric air suspension was offered as well. Using that device it was possible to raise or lower the car based on the state of the roadway and the weight transported.

For the basic version a 4.6-liter engine was installed with a V-shaped arrangement of 8 cylinders. For Expedition the more powerful version was equipped with a 5.4-liter engine. It is much easier to buy a car that suits all your requirements if the service dealer near me is offered. The buyer can pick up a new car at a reasonable price from the manufacturer. The company's consultants will help you with your choice. They will tell you about all the advantages or disadvantages of the model that you like.

Updated model Ford Expedition

The new 3rd generation Explorer was presented in 2007. Significant changes have taken place in the technical part of the car. The interior also did not go unnoticed in which improved materials were used and various shortcomings of previous models were corrected. The car has received large dimensions. Its length has increased. The hood features a three-stripe front grill in the style of Ford models. Other changes include new headlights, mirrors with LED indicators warning about a nearby obstacle. The car body has become more streamlined and received new side lamps.

The center console has been updated in the interior. The front seats are installed now in a luxury version. The door panels and upholstery in the cabin have been improved. The gearshift lever is not located at the bottom but on the center console. For maximum noise reduction side and windshields are installed laminated and of greater thickness.

For the 3rd generation Ford Expedition model the T1 platform was used. When tested it showed 10% better torsional rigidity compared to the platform that was before it. An independent suspension has been installed on all wheels. The rear suspension has also been updated replacing it with a five-link one. The engine was left with a volume of 5.4 liters while its power was increased to 300 horsepower. Cars with towing capabilities can pull loads up to 4130 kg.

Equipment of the machine and other characteristics

Already in the basic version the car has 6 airbags. They provide protection to passengers in all rows of the car. A function has been added that controls the stability of the machine with the help of electronics. The gearbox has also been updated. Now a more advanced and reliable version is installed in the car. It has the best software and towing mode.

If you need to buy a new car an official dealer will be the best option. All machines have an official manufacturer's warranty. Maintenance and repair of the car for this period is carried out by the dealer free of charge. If you have any questions please contact the company using the information available on the website. Buying a new car of your dream is easier than ever with our assistance.



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