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New Ford Flex with eye-catching design

The Ford Flex is a large volume crossover that was produced in Canada between 2008 and 2019. The car was on sale in various countries of the East. In many other countries, these models were not officially supplied. A car was produced on the platform of the fifth version of the Ford Explorer model known to many. Ford Flex has its own unique and memorable design. The developers of the car were able to combine the elements of three types of cars in its features:

  • station wagon;
  • crossover;
  • minivan.

The car interior is quite roomy, with three rows of seats. Depending on the type of performance, it has six or seven seats.

Ford Flex cars are equipped with 3.5-liter V6 petrol engines. The atmospheric engine has 265 horsepower, and the turbocharged 360 horsepower. The gearbox here is the same for each type of engine, it is a six-speed automatic. The car has two types of front or full drive. Restyling of the model was carried out in 2012. Among the changes in the car, one can single out a design update, and the engines have undergone a complete modernization, which made it possible to improve their power indicators. For the atmospheric engine, it was increased to 291 horsepower, for the turbocharged one - up to 370 hp.

You can buy a new Ford Flex at an affordable price from an authorized dealer. In the presence of a large selection of cars in various trim levels. All cars from the official manufacturer have a factory warranty. It is quite easy to purchase this stylish, memorable car from our company. Using the services of an authorized dealer, you will receive the lowest prices for the car and a guarantee of its quality.

Full-size crossover with great features

The American car manufacturer Ford is known all over the world. Due to the reliability and high characteristics of the cars produced, they are popular with motorists in many countries. The first generation Ford Flex was introduced in 2005 in New York. The cars appeared on sale only three years later. Her ground clearance was relatively small. The exterior stood out from similar car models with its straight body lines.

Ford Flex of the second generation appeared in 2013. The car has three rows of seats. The large volume inside the car allows you to comfortably accommodate 6 or 7 passengers. Among the changes in the new model are the following:

  • improved functionality of the car;
  • new security systems have been installed;
  • appearance due to horizontal indented lines, turned out to be very effective and memorable;
  • availability of adaptive optics.

If we compare the second and first versions of the Ford Flex, the changes in appearance are minimal. The salon boasts modern finishing materials. Everything here is worked out to the smallest detail. The car, despite its size, is quite manoeuvrable and easy to drive. The appearance will allow you to stand out in the city traffic.

When there is an official dealer near me, it will not be difficult to buy a new car from America. Finding a car in the right configuration and colour is quite simple. The manufacturer does not stand still, improving this model and improving its characteristics.

Advantages and capabilities of the car

The restyled Ford Flex 2021 model has not lost its basic qualities. The appearance has remained the same recognizable and interesting. The salon will be comfortable for 7 passengers. At the same time, the car can boast of a large trunk volume, allowing you to carry a decent load. Such opportunities make the car an excellent option for traveling with a large company or family over long distances. At the same time, the exterior of the car has various elements that are in the premium class. The design of the modern Ford Flex has been developed by specialists who are well aware of modern technology and style trends.

When buying a new car, an authorized dealer is the best option. Here you can find a car with the required parameters and characteristics. The company's managers will help you choose a car and quickly place an order. You can also purchase original spare parts from an official manufacturer from us. You can contact us using the contacts available on the website.

The 2021 model gets an improved interior. Better materials were used for the interior trim. Various functions have been added that can create a sufficient level of comfort for the driver and passengers. A system is installed in the Ford Flex car that will simplify parking in an unfamiliar place, and will help control blind spots. The complete set of the car includes new seat belts with inflatable elements. In a collision, they significantly reduce the risk of injury. Therefore, this car model is well suited for transporting small children. Here they get the maximum level of comfort and security.

The 2021 model car is equipped with a 3.5-liter engine that produces 285 horsepower and 345 Nm of torque. For basic vehicle configurations, front-wheel drive and an automatic transmission are installed. For the all-wheel drive version, you will need to pay extra.




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