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The new Ford Maverick is recognizable and prestigious

The release of this model started in Spain in 1993. At the production facilities of the Nissan plant, two car models were produced that were absolutely similar in design. It was Nissan Terrano and Ford Maverick, which were jointly produced by two car concerns. In the 90s, cars of this class belonged to compact SUVs.

The first generation of the Ford Maverick was equipped with a frame structure. The front axle was rigidly connected. In the basic configuration, the car had minimal equipment, it was completed with:

  • power steering;
  • electric mirrors;
  • central locking.

The low price made it possible to smooth out the impression of the absence of leather and various electric drives. The first generation of the car had a good height, the interior was quite spacious, with a normal degree of glazing. There were two engine options to choose from, inline 4-cylinder. The first was a 2.7-liter turbodiesel with 99 horsepower. The second is a 12-valve gasoline injector.

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Features of the car

Translated from English, the name of the car Maverick has several different meanings. The release of the first generation of cars together with Nissan continued until the end of 1998, after which the joint cooperation was severed. The debut of the second generation of the car took place in 2000. The car received excellent driving performance, allowing it to drive comfortably on the highway. The fuel consumption was quite economical, the cross-country ability on dirt and country roads was very high. American-made engines were installed on the car. The first was a two-liter with 16 valves, its capacity was 124 horsepower. The second was more powerful, with a volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 197 horsepower.

If we compare the 2 modification with previous versions, then it received many interesting options. Among the new components are:

  • updated motors;
  • transmission with "smart" functions;
  • good optics;
  • updated elements in the cabin.

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The exterior of the Ford Maverick has all the features of an all-wheel drive, compact SUV. They are also present in the interior. A four-spoke steering wheel, a gearshift lever mounted on the steering column, a voluminous central panel with a radio tape recorder. Cruise control buttons located on the steering wheel, large front row seats - all these features are characteristic of American cars. In order not to be so different from European models, the foot drive in the parking brake has been replaced by the more common "handbrake".

Equipment and capabilities of the machine

For the maximum configuration, a full power package was installed, there is a sunroof, four airbags, the interior is trimmed with leather. The interior of the car will be comfortable for the driver and passengers of any height. This is ensured by its large volume, wide adjustment possibilities of the driver's seat, as well as the ability of the steering column to change the angle of inclination. The luggage compartment is quite roomy, allowing you to transport large volumes of goods. Roof rails are available as standard, which can carry loads up to 45 kg.

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The latest version of the car visually received small changes compared to the previous model. New lighting equipment was installed, the shape of the bumper changed, which became more voluminous and powerful. For its manufacture, a special material is used that resists scratches. Inside, you can see a new dashboard and gearshift lever, which is located between the front seats on the central tunnel. The car received good handling, thanks to an independent rear suspension and a front suspension with MacPherson struts installed. Also included are six airbags and a system that provides maximum protection in a possible collision. As a result, it can be noted that the Ford Maverick car is a reliable and solid car that is suitable for a large family.



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