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Ford Cutaway car

Many people today are thinking about buying a cargo minibus. It is well suited for those who like to travel a lot, often move from one place to another, and are engaged in commercial activities. The new Ford Cutaway is the perfect solution. It is relatively inexpensive, has decent technical characteristics and consumes little fuel. The dealer Mycars offers a large selection of cars of this series at the best price, everyone can find the most suitable option for themselves.

Design features

Ford Cutaway is one of the representatives of the E-Series. The main feature of this series is the absence of a basic body. The dealer next to me offers to pick it up separately. It can be almost anything, from a pure cargo compartment to a mobile home. Ford has always made E-series models as comfortable, powerful and beautiful as possible, and Cutaway is no exception. The car received a new and improved design of the exterior and interior. The main feature of the front is a huge quadrangular radiator grill, it is decorated with square cells in black, and the manufacturer's logo. On either side of it are the headlights with adaptive automatic high beam. The massive metal bumper and large folding mirrors underline the powerful component. They are equipped with a swivel mechanism so that they can be removed when moving in a narrow street, or when parking. A heating system is attached to them, it will always allow you to have good visibility even in cold weather.

Drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel value comfort a lot. Thanks to the convenient instrument cluster, everything you need is always at hand. The clear layout and user-friendly interior design will help you enjoy your driving experience. You can buy a car with these basic features:

  • braking after a collision - will stop the car if the brakes fail or the driver is unable to stop himself;
  • warning in a direct collision - the indicator signal on the dashboard will notify the driver about possible obstacles, and if he cannot urgently stop the car, it will do it for him;
  • lane keeping system - will add comfort in driving;
  • instrumentation is represented by a tachometer, as well as a device for measuring fuel and coolant temperature;
  • windscreen wipers with automatic rain sensor.

The cruise control system with adjustable limiters will allow you to maintain the speed set by the driver and, in addition to saving fuel, minimizes the likelihood of violation of the speed limit. The system of exchange rate stability will also help to cope with any road situation, which constantly monitors the movement of the car and will help to correct its direction.


The official dealer offers a Ford Cutaway with a V-shaped 5400 cc engine. It has eight cylinders and its maximum power is 255 horsepower and 474N.m. torque. For a truck, this series has rather small dimensions. Its dimensions are:

  • length  5504 mm;
  • width  2111 mm;
  • height  2017 mm;
  • wheelbase  2505 mm.

The curb weight of the car was 2830 kg. The car is rear-wheel drive, the engine is located at the front and is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Ford trucks are renowned for their versatility and flexibility. They will be able to help solve many special problems thanks to various body modifications. The vehicle is equipped with low frame rails, integrated body anchorage points, and a robust high-strength steel frame construction. All components of the new Cutaway are built for maximum durability, so they require much less maintenance than other vehicles.

The creators of the series relied on the reliability, durability of the car, comfort and safety while driving for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Such a car is also suitable for a large family who is used to doing everything together and travels a lot, as well as for entrepreneurs who travel to buy goods themselves. The company offers many body modifications, so everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves. If you cannot figure it out on your own, contact the specialists of the Mycars company for help. They will tell you about the features of the model, tell you what you need to pay attention to.

Benefits of an authorized Mycars dealer

If you want to buy a quality new car, contact your authorized Mycars dealer. Selling cars requires certain knowledge and skills; qualified specialists work here can choose a good car based on your needs and financial capabilities.

You can try a car using a test drive. It will take just a couple of clicks on the site to sign up for it, it won't take much time. Our specialist will contact you to clarify the details. Such testing will allow you to independently see what the advantages and disadvantages of the selected model are.




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