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The new Honda Fit for the active family

Automobile concern "Honda" is one of the leading Japanese vehicle manufacturers. High reliability, economy and good performance have made the models of this manufacturer popular all over the world. Following the concept of minimizing the maintenance costs of the car, the company produces vehicles with a high turnaround time and minimum maintenance costs. At the same time, increased attention is always paid to the safety of passengers and their comfort. Honda Fit is one of the group's most successful developments in the compact city car category.

Honda vehicles are sold by official dealers with showrooms throughout the country. Here you can always buy any unit from the company's lineup, including the new Honda Fit. Our site works only with companies that receive good reviews from customers.

Model history

The Honda Fit first went on sale in 2001. This period is characterized by a departure from powerful engines for city cars and prioritizing the efficiency and multitasking of vehicles. Honda, as one of the leading automotive developers, has a long history of building vehicles in this category. The design bureau of the company developed the new model taking into account the wishes of marketers and thorough market research. Honda Fit has collected all the best qualities of a city car. As a result of purposeful work, this model received such advantages as:

  • compact size;
  • good stability on the road;
  • high maneuverability in conditions of busy city traffic;
  • comfortable seats for passengers and driver;
  • roomy trunk;
  • compliance with safety requirements in a crash test;
  • economical engine.

Thanks to these advantages, the Honda Fit deservedly received prizes at international automobile exhibitions. To meet the global demand for this model, the company organized its production at six car assembly plants.

Buying a new car for a family is always a big deal. It is better to select a model for everyone together, this approach will take into account the wishes of all close people to the vehicle. In addition, the Honda Fit has various modifications, and the difference in equipment between the base model and the luxury version is quite significant. Thanks to the electronic database of our website, you can find an authorized dealer near me in a very short time.

Technical features

The Honda Fit comes in a hatchback body, the most popular body style for family cars. The classic layout of the engine and chassis provides for front-wheel drive. The successful design of the machine has been repeatedly upgraded, which has ensured its stable high popularity in the market. Today, the fourth generation of the Honda Fit is on the assembly line. It is pleasant to note that the company has no prerequisites for curtailing the production of this model.

The appearance of the model is stylish and harmonious. The streamlined nose gives the car good aerodynamics. And although the Honda Fit is by no means a sports car, its drag index has a good value. The height of the car is slightly reduced from the head to the rear, but the volume for passengers on the back seat is quite comfortable.

The modern Honda Fit, which you can purchase from an authorized dealer, has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 99.6 inches;
  • length - 161.4 inches;
  • width - 67 inches;
  • height - 60 inches;
  • minimum ground clearance - 4.4 inches.

These parameters allow the car to feel confident in the city. The machine is very maneuverable and has a small turning radius. Drivers of the Honda Fit have almost no problems with parking, since the dimensions allow it to be parked anywhere.

The manufacturer markets the Honda Fit with an optimized direct injection gasoline engine. In the salons of our official dealers, the car is sold with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 130 horsepower and a torque of 114 Nm. At the buyer's choice, you can purchase models with a manual six-speed gearbox or automatic transmission.

The fuel efficient engine delivers an EPA rating of 29 mpg city and 36 highway. At the same time, the stock of the fuel tank is enough to drive up to 380 miles with one gas station.

In order to reduce the mileage of the car to a complete stop and ensure maximum speed drop in a short time, the Honda Fit has two types of brakes: front - disc brakes, rear - drum. The efficiency of the braking system is increased by the use of an anti-lock braking system, which regulates the reduction in speed of all four wheels.

Before buying, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the offers on our website. This approach will allow you to select an official dealer who provides the maximum package of pre-sale services. He will provide the necessary information and help make your purchase more profitable.






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