Honda Odyssey 2022

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A new 2022 Honda Odyssey is a powerful minivan

The 2022 Honda Odyssey car series is a vehicle convenient for family travel. It features a high-gloss grille, powerful LED headlights and 19-inch wheels. These are machines that are striking in their versatility. They look athletic and muscular. Many motorists want to buy them.


Such cars have an expressive appearance and impressive dimensions, striking profile with smooth side panels, massive light-alloy wheels. The main optics looks obliquely and resembles the gaze of an eastern samurai. It includes LED fog lights which are located under the running lights and direction indicators. The rear bumper features multi-piece brake lights and striking relief. Cars have become higher and longer than their predecessors. The ground clearance has been also increased and this improves the geometric cross-country ability. The sale of such machines is very popular.

Electric sliding doors add a modern style. With their help it is very easy to get inside the car. Cars received tinted rear windows.

The chrome door trim is also striking and adds a stylish accent to the exterior. It is made of high-quality and durable material designed specifically for such machines so it is perfectly attached to the surface.

The rear bumper has received chrome protection which also improves the exterior. Its main function is to prevent scratches when loading and unloading luggage. The official dealer won’t only provide complete information about the models but also help you to purchase one of them at a profit.


The interior of 2022 Honda Odyssey cars looks cute and original. The decoration is made of quality materials. The cars are equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, a massive instrument panel and a large number of compartments for storing personal belongings. The center console and the climate control sensor are particularly eye-catching. They are located next to the gear selector.

The cars are equipped with innovative second-row seats. They are very easy to move around the cabin and fold which allows them to be quickly removed and carried.

All seats in cars are equipped with lateral support and they are pleasant and soft. This allows you to travel with your family long distances and not feel tired. The front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating, so the driver and front passenger will always ride comfortably in all weather conditions.

2022 Honda Odyssey cars received an electric sunroof. If you want to admire the surrounding beauty or ride with the breeze just make one touch. There is also a three-zone climate control here. It maintains the optimum temperature for all passengers.

The luggage compartment allows you to carry a large amount of cargo. With the rear seats folded down there is up to 158 cubic feet of free space. And the electric door will allow you to unload and load things with maximum comfort.

The 2022 new Honda Odyssey has received a very spacious cabin that can accommodate 8 passengers. The interior decoration adds special comfort. It is made of leather, very pleasant to the touch.


The cars are equipped with two different engine options. The first is a two-liter unit that is connected to an electrical installation. It is capable of developing a power of 145 horses and also has a low fuel consumption of 3.8 liters. Such cars can consume gasoline with an octane rating of 92.

The second option is a 2.4-liter engine which has different degrees of boost. Depending on the drive these vehicles can develop between 175 and 190 horsepower.

The 2022 Honda Odyssey series cars are equipped with a safety package that includes lane control, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance. There is also a traffic sign recognition function that displays all the information on the track and helps the driver move forward. A special camera focuses all traffic signs and shows them on the driver's screen.

In addition the minivans are equipped with a road exit mitigation system. It detects when the driver crosses the lane without a signal, provides steering assistance and can also apply braking to prevent leaving the road. Among the advantages of this car series are:

  • a wide range of innovative equipment;
  • bright appearance;
  • high-quality interior trim;
  • high level of safety for the driver and all passengers.

These minivans are built for any adventure. They are powerful, strong, comfortable, stylish and memorable at first sight. If you want to buy one of the models of the 2022 Honda Odyssey series then use the dealer is near me service. This kind of assistance will be very helpful. The specialist knows everything about the machines of this series and all its nuances. He can provide significant assistance with the purchase.



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