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New Honda Passport comes with powerful engine

The Honda Passport is one of the leading SUVs from the Japanese car manufacturer. This car has a sufficient set of functions to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding driver. Possessing an excellent design it can easily fulfill the role of an executive class car. Due to its excellent cross-country ability this model is a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle. Honda Passport offers a wonderful comfortable cabin to its owner where people of any size can easily fit.

The purchase of a Honda Passport vehicle must be made in person only. The easiest way to do this is at the car dealerships of the company's official dealers. Thanks to the expanded network of such sellers you can buy the new Honda Passport in almost any region. In this case it is important not only to find a place of purchase but also to select the desired modification. It will be easy to do this using our website.

Model history

The first modification of the Honda Passport entered the market back in 1993.It was a result of the company's interaction with the Isuzu car manufacturer and in many ways repeated the Rodeo model. Such industrial copying has never been hidden and is a normal practice in the desire of automakers to expand their lineup. Honda Passport was produced until 2002. Then it was decided to remove it from sales due to the growing popularity of cars from other segments.

A new third Honda Passport generation which you can buy from authorized dealerships went on sale in 2019. The designers of the company created a completely independent car and from the old one it got only a proud name. As a result the midsize crossover immediately became popular with drivers. The search base of our site will allow you to find quickly an official dealer near me. We select for you only trusted and reliable sellers who provide maximum pre-sale services and an individual approach to each client.

Technical features

The body of the Honda Passport has a classic SUV design. At the same time the car itself looks impressive and commands respect.

Honda Passport has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 110 inches;
  • length - 190.5 inches;
  • height - 72.2 inches;
  •  width - 78.6 inches;
  • ground clearance - 8.1 inches

To ensure good driving performance for a car with such dimensions a six-cylinder 3.5-liter atmospheric gasoline engine is installed. This unit develops a power of 284 h/p with a torque of 355 Nm. The presence of 4 valves per cylinder increases the resource and efficiency of the power unit and direct injection gives it maximum stability in operation.

The 9-speed automatic transmission quickly and smoothly selects the desired gear ratio. Thanks to this the car in the 1-gallon all-wheel drive version travels 19 miles in urban conditions and 24 miles on the highway.

Today the Honda Passport with front-axle drive and all-wheel drive models can be purchased from official dealers of the company. Due to sufficient ground clearance the vehicle has good cross-country ability. The intelligent system will automatically select the necessary engine parameters for driving on snow, sand and swamp.

How to choose a car

Honda designers have made every effort to make the Passport model not only powerful and reliable but also stylish. They have fully succeeded. The nose of the car is streamlined and has a low drag coefficient. The massive plastic radiator grille consists of two horizontal sections. Its total area allows for effective ventilation of the engine compartment while driving providing additional cooling to the power unit.

The design of the nose lights is very interesting. Repeaters of turns, as it were, outline the headlights on both sides. And on the lower part of the bumper parking lights and fog lights are symmetrically located.

The roof of the car is equipped with rails on which you can quickly install an additional external roof rack. The boot lid is simple but very harmonious with the overall design of the vehicle. Two chromed tailpipes are located along the edges of the lower rear bumper. The Honda Passport is available for the North American market in four trim levels:

  • Sport;
  • EX-L;
  • Touring;
  • Elite.

If you want to buy the most perfect Honda Passport version from an authorized dealer we recommend that you pay attention to such features as: leather upholstery, ventilated seats with heating, a wireless charger for the phone, a system for informing about the presence of obstacles in a blind spot, LED fog lights, heated steering wheel.

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