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New Volkswagen Golf improves its capabilities

The development concept of Volkswagen was initially focused on the mainstream segment of drivers who need simple, reliable but at the same time incredibly comfortable and maneuverable cars. Following the main market trends the concern has been expanding its range of models and multi-purpose machines. The current star of the company and its best-selling product is the Volkswagen Golf. If the existing trends continue it has every chance to overtake in popularity the legendary Beetle model of the same car manufacturer. So to date more than 25 million Golfs have already left the assembly line.

The sale of new Volkswagen Golfs is carried out by the official representatives of this company. Certified sellers receive new up-to-date models directly from the manufacturing plants bypassing intermediaries. This approach allows us to provide the maximum package of pre-sale services. With the help of our website you can easily find an authorized dealer to buy the car you are interested in.

Model history

The first Volkswagen Golf generation went on sale back in 1974. In the same year the Beetle model ceased to be produced at official factories thereby freeing up a place for a new car in the market. The vehicle was produced in hatchback and convertible bodies thus expanding the available range of modifications. All components of the Volkswagen Golf were carefully worked out by German automotive engineers and the efforts made were not slow to give their result. The car immediately became popular. Both ordinary motorists and professional experts unanimously recognized the following advantages:

  • compact size;
  • roomy trunk;
  • simple and resourceful power plant;
  • low operating costs;
  • remunerative price from authorized dealers.

It is worth noting that for 7 years of production of the first Volkswagen Golf generation more than five and a half million copies of this vehicle were produced.

Today the eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf can be purchased from the official dealers that are presented on our website. This model has incorporated all the best technical solutions developed in the production of this vehicle for more than 45 years of its history. At the same time the design bureau has managed to give the car the most modern appearance.

Technical advantages

As before the Volkswagen Golf comes in a hatchback body. This type of body is one of the most versatile and spacious. The Volkswagen Golf is great for a small family and perfect for daily use. On the one hand it feels confident in narrow city streets and on the other hand you can comfortably drive hundreds of kilometers without stopping and not feel tired.

The car is designed for 5 people but in the back seat three passengers of an average constitution will be somewhat cramped. At the same time the manufacturer tried to raise the driver and passenger convenience to the maximum level within the allowed budget. The latest Volkswagen Golf generation is equipped with such systems as:

  • an electronic key that is compatible with the NFC payment chip of some phones;
  • 10-inch fully digital driver display;
  • LED headlights with matrix design;
  • semi-automatic driving system which is installed in older models;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • system of short-range information exchange with other vehicles;
  • voice control over the Internet.

The crash tests of this model have shown good results. The hull design is resistant to head-on collisions. Airbags deploy accurately and on time.

How to choose a car in the electronic catalog

It is very easy to choose and buy a car using our website. The search system is intuitive and presents the selected results in a visual and informative form. You will be able to choose the required modification of the car as well as indicate the desired equipment to be installed.

At the same time it should be remembered that the dimensions of the car are standard for almost all Volkswagen Golf models and they are:

  • length - 425 cm;
  •  width - 179 cm;
  • height - 149 cm;
  • wheelbase - 262 cm.

Older modifications of the Volkswagen Golf are equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine. The design provides for a transverse installation of the power unit. In combination with a 7-speed robotic gearbox the car shows good dynamics on the roads. Installed 17-inch wheels help to maintain reliable stability even during high-speed cornering.

Using our website you can find an authorized dealer near me. By performing a test drive before buying you can evaluate the correctness of your choice regarding this model.


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