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New Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Many people today have a preference for classic sedans like the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI. When making it, manufacturers focused on the American market, so it takes into account the minimum needs of the country's residents. It is well suited for both a married couple and a bachelor who values ​​comfort first and foremost. The official dealer of Mycars offers the entire model range of the car, here everyone can find the most suitable option for themselves.

Features of the car

Volkswagen Jetta cars have been produced by the German company since 1979. During this time, 6 generations and hundreds of modifications of this car have appeared. It was originally a Golf class car. A year after the presentation of the sixth generation, the new Jetta GLI sedan was released (in 2019). Its presentation took place in Chicago and attracted the interest of many American motorists. Externally, the car is not too similar to its brothers, it has a number of differences. It has become much stronger, has a more spacious interior, the body has been extended by 9 cm, which made it possible to make the rear seats a little larger. Also, the car has a spacious trunk of 399 liters, where everything you need can easily fit.

The Jetta GLI has a powerful redesigned bumper, the radiator grille is equipped with a bright red stripe. To improve ergonomics, a spoiler and two round exhaust pipes are installed on the boot lid. An excellent addition to the interior are 18-inch wheels, which stand out favorably against the background of a powerful body.

Changes have also appeared in the cabin. A slightly different steering wheel is installed here, the seats have received red inserts and increased lateral supports. The dealer near me offers to install the following add-ons for an additional fee:

  • virtual devices;
  • leather interior;
  • ventilation of the front seats;
  • panoramic roof.

The choice depends on the preferences of the client and his material capabilities. You can buy such a car for driving in the urban jungle, it is versatile and suitable for those who value unconditional quality at a reasonable price.


The Jetta GLI is one of the most powerful in the entire series. A 2.0 TSI turbo engine (EA888 series) with 230 horsepower is installed here, it is also installed on the Golf version. It fell in love with American motorists, which is confirmed by high sales. Therefore, the designers decided not to change it. Complemented it with a six-speed manual or seven-speed "robot" DSG with two clutches gearbox. Also, the car has a limited slip differential. It develops a speed of 149 mph, front-wheel drive significantly increases maneuverability.

The designers installed the same brakes on this model as on the Golf R hatchback. Instead of the "beam" at the rear, there is a multi-link suspension. This led to the car being slightly lower. This does not matter for driving in urban conditions on a flat surface, but if you travel a lot and have to drive on a country road, then it is better to order adaptive dampers separately.

The manufacturers also tried to make the car much easier to drive, they installed an electric booster on the steering wheel, which helps to significantly increase the speed on the highway. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced by accelerating to high revs. The car has a large fuel tank, which allows you to travel long distances without refueling.

The car has large enough dimensions, mm:

  • length - 4704;
  • width - 1798;
  • height - 1443;
  • wheelbase - 2682.

The car has a huge number of modifications. The models differ in technical characteristics and appearance. If you cannot make your own choice, contact the specialists of our company. They have a lot of experience, are well versed in cars and know exactly how to choose the most suitable option based on the client's lifestyle and driving style.

Benefits of an authorized Mycars dealer

Selling cars is a rather complicated process, which requires a lot of knowledge and skills. The official dealer of Mycars has been on the market for more than a year, during which time he has assembled a large team of professionals, and has also significantly expanded the model range. Here you can easily find both the most popular modifications and rare ones that you will not find in ordinary salons.

The dealer also opened a huge network of branches throughout the country, on the site you can see the nearest salon from your location. It is convenient, there is no need to do a search once again if a reliable partner is always nearby. Cooperation with Mycars has other advantages:

  • low prices;
  • service maintenance;
  • polite staff.

If you have decided on the choice of a car, you need to take a test drive. It does not take much time, but it gives you the opportunity to independently verify the merits of the car. It's always better to try a ride once than to hear about the benefits from a salesperson a hundred times. You can sign up for testing on the website or by phone, the manager will select the most suitable time.


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