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New Volkswagen passat

Today there are many different modifications of cars, the new Volkswagen Passat is still popular today. It first came off the assembly line in 1973. During its existence, as many as 8 generations have been created, each has significant differences. The official dealer of Mycars offers a wide range of modifications. Our clients can easily find the most comfortable car at a reduced price.

Exterior and interior

Volkswagen Passat is a legendary car, which today is rightfully considered the most popular in Europe. This is largely due to the fact that it has good technical characteristics, simple but interesting design and low cost. Almost everyone can afford it, regardless of their financial situation.

The eighth generation B8 was presented in 2014, the car went on sale the next year. In 2019, the company released an updated version, which was shown on the catwalks in Hamburg. The model became the first restyling of the B8, therefore it attracted a lot of attention of motorists.

Externally, the car has changed a lot. The first thing that motorists notice is the new headlights, which now have a different modernized filling and slightly different graphics. The radiator grille and air intakes became noticeably larger, the bumper turned out to be more prominent, an inscription appeared in the middle of the trunk lid.

As for the interior, it has become larger, has an unusual stylish, but German-style restrained design. The creators took care of the comfort, installed large orthopedic chairs. The car has good climate control, so it is comfortable in it at any time of the year. There is a standard steering wheel and a control panel familiar to everyone, where the indicators necessary for the driver are displayed - nothing more.

Volkswagen Passat is considered a mid-size car; it is available in several versions:

four-door sedan, station wagon, off-road station wagon. Depending on the modification, it has the following dimensions, mm:

  • length - 4775;
  • width - 1832;
  • height 1456-1477;
  • wheelbase - 2791.

The number of modifications for this car is really impressive. As a rule, changes do not strongly affect the appearance or interior of the car, but they do affect the technical characteristics. It can be quite difficult to understand them on your own, so before buying, it is better to seek help from the company's specialists. They will help you choose the most suitable option based on the client's preferences and lifestyle.


In most European countries, residents are concerned about the environmental problem that exists on the planet, so they choose cars that consume little fuel and have minimal CO2 emissions. Restyling was needed not only in order to change the appearance of the car, but also to adjust it to environmental requirements.

Depending on the modification, the car has one gasoline engine or diesel engine, which are equipped with special filters approved by Euro 6d-temp standards. The series consists of a new car with a 2.0 TDI Evo engine developing 150 horsepower. The line, which runs on gasoline, will be formed from a 1.5 TSI for 150 horses and two 2.0 TSIs for 190 and 272 hp. respectively. There is also a hybrid that has a gasoline and an electric motor. It has several improvements - a 1.4-liter internal combustion engine in tandem with a 115-horsepower electric motor. As for the electric cars of the series, they received a capacious battery, thanks to which they can travel not 50, but 70 km without recharging.

The designers also tried to greatly simplify the control of the car, added a semi-automatic autopilot to it, as well as many assistants - from parking to the lane tracking function. They alert the driver if something is wrong, but they do not distract from driving.

The dealer near to me offers to install adaptive shock struts for an additional fee. The car is designed for driving on a flat surface, so if you plan to travel off-road, it is better to install such stands.

Benefits of an authorized Mycars dealer

If you are interested in selling a car from Volkswagen, contact your authorized Mycars dealer. It offers the widest range of models and favorable terms of cooperation. Over the years, it managed to expand the number of showrooms throughout the country, assemble a huge team of professionals who are well versed in cars.

Buying a car here has a number of advantages:

  • big choice;
  • low prices;
  • polite staff;
  • service and much more.

In order to make sure that the choice was made correctly, you can order a test drive. Practice shows that it shows how comfortable the driver will feel while driving, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the model. It does not take much time, but gives a more complete picture of the car. You can sign up for testing on the website or by phone.


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