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Volkswagen Tiguan - confident movement into the future

Do you want to enjoy the driving process? In this case professionals offer to buy a VW Tiguan. The status, style, comfort and impeccable technical data of this car will please even the most selective motorists. The Tiguan is distinguished not only by its formidable appearance and impressive dimensions, but also by the incredible power and cross-country ability on any route. This can be confirmed without any doubt by every official dealer. According to German registration data the VW Tiguan is the most successful model in the SUV segment since its market launch in 2007. Only in Germany a total of 760,819 new models were registered by the end of 2020. It is the best-selling Volkswagen in the world. This is a great all-round vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for shopping or long distance travel, tow a trailer with a horse or buy furniture the Tiguan actually always fits. Four years after the current generation entered the market the bestseller has been revised in appearance and specifications for 2021.

Comfortable driving in the Tiguan

DCC adaptive shock control is available as an option for the Tiguan. This offers the driver a choice among three different modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) as well as many customization options in between. The comfortable suspension is pleasant and balanced. The differences between the modes are noticeable but driving does not cause discomfort in any of them. The chassis absorbs obstacles such as speed bumps very well thanks to its large spring travel. As an option the so-called progressive steering is offered. This reduces steering effort when cornering or maneuvering and steering around the center position does not become more sensitive. The steering effort can be adjusted according to the driver's wishes. In the normal position it provides adequate feedback, the middle position is fairly well defined. Some drivers prefer the Sport mode in which the ride support is slightly reduced and the steering effort is greater. The braking system has proven itself to be stable and unyielding even under high loads. The brake is also easy to adjust since it hasn't changed with the facelift. Engine installed is four-cylinder turbodiesel, 1968 cc cm, 110 kW / 150 hp, 360 Nm at 1600 rpm .Possible speed is 198 km / h. It accelerates to 100 km in just 9.6 seconds. Considering all the advantages of the SUV it's easy to see why sales of this model are growing every day.

Tiguan digital cab

Modern drivers are demanding not only for technical performance but also for a comfortable interior with “smart” digital assistants that can significantly increase the level of driving comfort. As with the Golf the digital revolution in the interior has also touched this model. So what has changed in the new Volkswagen Tiguan:

  • rotary controls for heating and fan give way to more modern, practical "sliders" with touch surfaces;
  • auxiliary systems for greater safety;
  • comes standard with helpful emergency braking assistant with distance and collision warnings and automatic distance control ACC;
  • expanded connections with the outside world thanks to its own SIM-card VW always remains in the network;
  • many services such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, now also work via Bluetooth without the need to connect a phone using a cable as it was before;
  • the Tiguan is very comfortable for four people even on long journeys;
  • the trunk holds a good 400 liters and if you use the storage space under the roof it will fit 630 liters;
  • with folded backs of the rear seats the maximum boot capacity is 1,415 liters.

Enough space for everyone in the cabin, comfortable seating, a high ceiling, plenty of legroom and an advanced climate control system will make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Volkswagen Tiguan: a hassle-free purchase

If you are looking for a good SUV to buy on your own you can spend a lot of time and effort which is extremely unprofitable for modern people. The ideal solution is to use the services of our company and purchase a stylish and powerful Volkswagen Tiguan without much hassle. It will save your time and money and give you the opportunity to get a checked car in perfect condition. Benefits of working with us are:

  • a wide range of models of interest;
  • service "dealer near me" which allows inspection of the car directly by the buyer;
  • adequate prices;
  • cooperation only with proven and reliable partners;
  • legal and informational support;
  • execution of all necessary purchase and sale documents.

The company is interested in every customer being satisfied with the purchase. We have an individual approach to each client so everyone gets exactly the car they dreamed of.


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